Sunday, June 1, 2014

Points To Be Able To Make It Through A Long Daily Commute

By Bill Duggen

Great distances from home to work often lead to one stressful obligation - a long commute. Sad to say, as the distance increases the more time you will have to sit in the bus to get to home or work. This is a daily routine that one must endure if he or she is really looking to make money or make a living.

Among those that you lose when you undergo long commutes would be the good night sleep - sleep without worries and sleep with your arms and legs stretched out over the bed. Having to spend time with your family requires enough hours at work, having to use the remaining time for sleep is no longer easy if you still have to deal with a long commuting hours.

This is something that one will have to endure unless he or she can find a job that is closer to home or own a vehicle that can break the speed limit. What you can do is save your strength for other activities after the long commute and keep your mind and body busy and active during the process. So how do you survive a long commute?

Among the common ways on how to deal with a long commute to work or towards home is to read a book. Reading a book will further enhance your knowledge and will draw your attention away from the time. At the end of your reading, you'd be surprised you're already at the bus stop.

You can also be childish as you take that bus ride from your home to your office by playing games on your phone. While many may not be very fund of games over devices, it can be very much helpful in keeping your thoughts distracted and thus keeping you less stressed. If you want your games or apps to be more interesting, you can download top apps and games over the online market and compete with friends.

Looking to make money even while riding a bus home or to your work? One way to earn good money even in commute is to write an article or a personal blog. The mind is usually more creative when the body is idle or when you are just sitting. Writing articles would then be beneficial for your as an outlet of your thoughts. Topics you can write about may cover a lot of things like experience in doing long commutes, how to make money, what presents to buy for your wife in your anniversary, etc. Writing is not only a great way to do something worth while but it also opens doors to profits.

Lastly, you can also socialize while you are taking that long bus ride. Talking with fellow-passengers has been the usual thing that commuters do. There would be those that would simply ignore this tip as they are less confident about themselves and their skills. The challenging part would only be to have a small confidence to ignite that conversation. You need to think of an interesting subject as well as a topic that both of you passengers can relate from. Likewise, be sure to check first that the person you are looking to talk to is approachable.

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