Saturday, September 27, 2014

What You Need To Know Regarding Hay And Straw Suppliers

By Elsa Noel

Farming and agriculture may have been the dream jobs of people for may years back, but due to the rise of various technological advancements, such work has been steadily on the decline. People even forgo such tasks in exchange for spending hours in front of a computer. Many people hardly think that working a farm is cool, as they would rather have an office of their own in an air conditioned corporation building.

Everybody else wants to work in offices located in looming skyscrapers and staring at their monitor for hours that any kind of employment is not as good as the ones in corporate settings. Most often, society even looks down upon skilled workers and their rugged appearances. They also scoff at agricultural and fishery employment, failing to realize that every industry is equally important. Without these people who are willing to get down and dirty, the others will never survive, including animals who are very dependent upon hay and straw suppliers Plainview for survival.

Sadly, agriculture is a very important part of living that is very much underrated. The city life seems to be attracting so many people that most of them are ignorant on the ways of the farm. They hardly ever come to farming locales such as Plainview, MN, and the like, which is why they could never grasp farming knowledge and tidbits, especially with the differentiation of the straw and the hay.

Those who have grown in farms, however, are quick to point out that straw is not eaten, but hay is. Hay is specially grown to be used as animal fodder. It is used to feed farm animals like horses, goats, and cattle in the absences of a fresh supply of grass. They are rolled into bales ready for storage after method cutting and drying.

This is often a favorite among cows, goats, and horses. They can even be fed to guinea pigs and rabbits. Some farms even introduce this food to their pigs, although the pigs are not able to digest them as efficiently as the cud eaters.

There are many types of hay, all according to the type of plant that is being used. The plants best used as feed crops include red clover, alfalfa, bermuda grass, timothy and tall fescue. These different plants have different nutritional values and usages. Their nutrient value is also believed to be quite dependent on when they are harvested, as those harvested closer to seed production will have lesser values as compared to those harvested in early maturity stage.

The other one that is often mistaken by city kids as hay is actually straw. These are more golden or brown in color as compared to the greenish tint that the other one usually possesses. Straw is not to be eaten by grazing animals, as they are by products of most grain crops after the chaff and the grain are gone.

These things can be used to do many functions. They are commonly utilized as beddings that are used for when animals in barns and stables rest at the end of the day. They can also be used as fuel sources, and they can be burned to provide heat enough to even cook food.

They are even used to make other products. They can be woven into mats, hats, and even baskets and bags. They can be delivered, along with hay needs, by suppliers to customers who are in dire need of it.

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