Friday, January 30, 2015

A Guide On Lake Cushman Camping

By Ines Flores

The well known yet little felt place in the Olympic National Park is the Staircase area. This is the place in between Lake Cushman and the Skokomish River. A spectacular place little heard of in the country. Lake Cushman camping is home to numerous sites that are underutilized. You need to taste and see what the number three top camping site in the country has for you.

Camping is such a wonderful experience that brings one closer to nature. The peaceful interaction with Mother Nature is the ideal and earliest form of interaction with the environment known to man. The beauty of this is we would not be talking about global warming if we all were campers.

The local people, the Skokomish, were referred to us the Twana. This meant the people who lived with the monster. No proven fact about the evidence of a beast that could have lived here but for a fact, if one or two saw the monster, and then it could be true, or false. And to top it all off, the name Twana means Fresh water, a true fact about the place and its fresh, crystal clear waters.

Perhaps you might want to know how this spectacular place came to being. In last ice age, this lake was shaped by the glaciers which damped in River Skokomish to form it. Prior to that, the City of Tacoma was expanding first and it needed electricity. Well, they built dams in this region to meet their demand. This is why on site you see an old dam on something like a hill. That would still be covered by glaciers if we were in the ice ages.

Well, before you head for the camping sites, here is a little information about this region. Well this lake was formed by glaciers in the last ice age. It has two dams and the original one was dependent on the glaciers. If you head there, you will find one on a hill, well that hill used to be covered by water. The formed dam in 1926 was supposed to supply the much needed hydroelectricity for the then fast growing Tacoma city.

You might also need to know how the name came about. Cushman, a translator to Isaac Stevens in Treaty of Point Elliot, was honored with the naming of this lake after him. The local Washington natives, Twanas, however had a different name to this place that did not formalize.

There is also the antique and famous Antler Hotel that stood close to Mouth Eleanor and Washington. Situated also to the shore of this lake, it stood prey to the increased water levels. As result of the expansion and dams needed by Tacoma city, this hotel was covered by water and ended.

You could go with your Jet Ski or mountaineer. There is an array of activities you could get into. This place is ideal for family, couples and group events. There are areas set for grilling and getting roasting those hot dog buns. Or you could walk in the woods and take a downstream walk in rapids if hiking is not your thing.

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