Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Look At Camping In Colorado

By Ines Flores

Family vacations often involve packing up a tent, sleeping bags, the kids and dog and heading for the hills. Roughing it in the wilderness is a very popular pass time for individuals that enjoy outdoor activities that include rivers, lakes and hiking areas. Some campers possess small trailers that they pull behind their vehicle and others obtain camper shells that are permanently attached to their pickups. Whether you prefer to sleep in a tent or have a solid roof over your head you will find that camping in Colorado will satisfy all expectations you may have for your vacation.

Regardless of when you decide to visit this state you will find sites designed to accommodate campers. Most camp grounds are open all year and have activities scheduled for each season. You will find swimming pools and picnic areas available for summer months and open pits for bonfires for the coldest months. You can also reserve a cabin in some of the locations and enjoy the fireplace and warmth of multiple comforters at bed time.

There are many historic and scenic areas in this state to visit. You will find many archaeological dig sites that are open for tours along with locations where you may view dinosaur foot prints and follow the migration paths that they followed centuries ago. You will also be allowed to fossil hunt in some areas. The high desert areas offer equestrian tours that will take you to wildlife refuges and Native American ruins located there.

The rivers that flow through this state carve spectacular canyons that display eons of history in the layers of soil they expose. These same rivers offer opportunities for various water sports such as white water rafting or fishing. The calmer areas of the rivers offer kayaking, slower rafting cruises down the river banks with picnics on the beaches.

There are over thirty nine hundred sites designed for campers in this state. Some are located near lakes or rivers that provide visitors with a multitude of options for recreation. The scenery is outstanding for photography or for simply viewing while you lie on the numerous sandy beaches or cruise across a lake in a canoe or other small boat. You may have views of Mount Evans and or the beautiful peaks of the Rocky Mountains depending on where you plan to camp.

Some more commercial camp areas offer community kitchens for public use that include cooking utensils, dishes and complete kitchen appliance availability. Showers and laundry facilities are also provided for their guests. There are complete hookups for those who have recreational vehicles and some sites offer weekly and monthly discount rates for these customers.

Guided tours of historic sites are also available for campers. Many relics from the old west are located in Colorado including remnants of the Santa Fe Trail and the cabin of Wild Bill McKinney. You can research other popular tours online.

This area is almost entirely pet friendly and many sites offer doggy day care while you are off exploring the area. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with your family while vacationing in an area that welcomes families and pets may allow you and your family time to bond and become closer than you can imagine.

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