Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adventures On Harpeth River Nashville

By Janine Hughes

If you are planning for a tour of the Harpeth river, then you can be ready for a great adventurous treat by the scenery, activities and beauty of this water way. The river gives you a whole 18 miles of watercourse and numerous access points. You will have a great time here with your family or friends especially when boating or canoeing. Harpeth river Nashville is your definite location for picnics, trips, hikes and vocations.

Various activities ranging from boating or canoeing to fishing, birding and hiking among others are all available for you in this place. For both beginners and expert paddlers, you will have awesome fun canoeing through the meanders of this river. The waterway is very accessible even for beginners to engage in boating and canoeing.

On the western highland rim, the waterway allows for a 7 mile float on its meandering course. This allows for a canoe put and take out point in not so far proximity. You may come with your own canoe to escape the rental charges which may sometimes be high depending on the outfitter. The local outfitters will however lend you a canoe and all the necessities relating to it at a fee if you do not have your own canoe. They will also give you information guides relating to the Harpeth waterway adventures.

If you are seeking rental boats, make sure to select a boat of your choice but of quality. The outfitters should offer you paddles and life saver jackets for safety on the waters. If you have any concerns such as your safety and paddling skills, question the outfitters for guidance. If you are beginner it is advisable to go with a friend expert to help you. Choose a comfortable and easy to handle boat. It can be a one seater, a three seater or even a five seater.

Fishing is also another common activity to engage in while the river. The waterway plays resident to various species of fish which include; catfish, bluegill crappie, bream, the small and large mouth bass and other game fish to mention but a few. You will enjoy fly fishing and even spin casting.

For bird enthusiasts, you will be treated to a wide range of bird view here as you move across the beautiful sceneries of the river. There are various waders here such as the belted kingfishers, green and blue herons, and the prothonotary warblers among others. In summer when there are flowers and insects come to feed on them, you will find songbirds present as they feed on the insects as well.

Hiking is a common activity in this locality. The solitude and tranquility that encompasses the river and its lush forests creates a great hiking ground for hikers. There are meanders that provide easy and hard hiking trails. There also are some majestic bluffs. The trials have signs to guide on directions.

This is a greatly recommendable location for you to bring your friends and family. You just need to call the local outfitters in the area to get specific details on prices and other concerns. Enjoy beautiful scenery and activities at affordable prices.

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