Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best Whale Watching In Alaska

By Janine Hughes

There are very many species of whales that migrate in the warm coastal waters between Mexico and Alaska. For the best whale watching in Alaska is one of the best places for the tourists to be in. There are however different seasons for this migration hence it is important for the tourists to understand what the best time is for whale watching in Alaska. The summer is considered the best season for this activity.

In different seasons, there are different species of whales that can be seen in these waters. In the month of February, the gray whales move from Baja California and they get to Alaska in April. Therefore, the particular reason to view these animals is in April. They can be seen easily from Kodiak, Sitka and Seward.

Beluga whales on the other hand are always available all year round. This is because they live in the Shelikof Strait and Cook Inlet from spring through fall. Visitors who go to the area in any time of the year can be able to easily see them. For this reason, the region is a tourism destination in any time of the year.

The blue whales are also an example of whales that tourists can be able to see if they visit this place. During the winter these whales can be found in Baja California where they do their breeding. However, in August and July, these animals migrate to Alaska but they are rare at the coastal regions as the fish department in the area has reported.

From the material that has been provided above it is positive that the particular time for whale watching is all through the year. It is permanently a good period for this activity. The different kinds of whale species make it a year round season. Nevertheless, many people love to visit the area during the spring and also the summer time. This is so because these seasons are the best times in a year to travel.

There are many reasons why tourists must choose this place as their destination for whale watching. The first and the most obvious reason is the one that has been mentioned above. Secondly, there is a variety of guides who will be able to guide them in the area and give them relevant information about the different types of whales that they see.

Whale watching is a common activity in this area hence there are many visitors who visit the place in a year. For this reason, there is a good number of resorts that have been set up to accommodate the many visitors who are able to choose it as their tourism destination. For this reason, accommodation will not be a problem.

So as to have a successful trip, all the planning should be done before the day of the trip. This is an important move that will enable everything to run smoothly. This will enable the people who are going on the trip to make sure that everything concerning their trip like the accommodation and the payments they need to make before they go for the trip.

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