Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Engaging In Hoonah Bear Viewing

By Janine Hughes

The unrestrained, wandering and big bears are perhaps the ultimate symbol of the wildlife in Alaska. It is undeniably a once in a lifetime and extraordinary experience to see these animals even for a short while. National parks are also considered homes of these animals. Nevertheless, it is truly a different thing to travel to the southeast region of Alaska and see these creatures clearly.

The encounters are definitely intimate and unique. This is the reason why the experience could only be comparable to the exciting African safari tours. It is a rare opportunity for both photographers and enthusiasts to see the bears together with other Alaskan inhabitants such the different species of birds, foxes, otters and wolves in their natural surroundings which is only possible by going on Hoonah bear viewing.

There are different options offered to access remote Alaska regions that are considered excellent for this experience such as small airplanes and boats. This is the reason that the tours like this became popular. People are awaited by wonderful views of the majestic Alaskan landscapes, volcanoes, glaciers and coastline. The overall experience will be made even more wonderful with these views and worth their while of course.

Such tours are best conducted early June until middle of September because of the very cold temperature. During late June as well as July, you can see these creatures in waterfalls as well as lakes. The prepare themselves for the incoming hibernation period by feasting on chunky young salmon. From late July until August, you can see them playing as well as learning self-feeding in the hillsides where they can get juicy as well as sweet berries.

Certain rules are set to be followed by the guests especially that they are in the territory of these animals during the tour. Due to the open set up, individuals can very well see how curious and intelligent these bears are as they take time to really make an observation as the tour goes on.

Viewers should remain clam and still especially when the time comes that the bears might approach them out of curiosity. As long as the behavior of these people is predictable, these creatures will not attack and become aggressive. Of course, to make sure that these people are safe, trained guides will be there with them.

In order for individuals to have more knowledge about the culture of the said creatures, the tours are often conducted from 5 to 10 hours. It is a perfect time for them to see how the bears behave and a new behavior might just be discovered. Bears often ignore visitors and carry on with their daily routines.

The reason behind this is that they have become very accustomed to the presence of people. It is normally an experience in itself to get a spot but they will also be flying over pebble beaches, many ice fields, rough mountain peaks, backcountry lakes, rich rugged wilderness and golden tundra. Alaska can definitely offer an exciting outdoor adventure such as these tours along with the panoramic views, unique wildlife and rich history.

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