Saturday, January 17, 2015

Information On Long Island Limousine Services

By Enid Hinton

Special occasions will always require that an individual shows up at an event in style. Travelling in class is the best way to do this. When it comes to traveling in style, you will need to make certain that you have hired the right Long Island limousine services. For this to happen, you need to gather as much information about available service providers as you can.

You should always begin by establishing whether the company has been allowed by the state to offer this particular service. The way to do this is to check its license number. Long Island issues license numbers to all operators who have been able to meet all the laid down stipulations.

Business experience is a very important factor. Companies that have some years of service under their belts are often much better than those that are just starting operating. In some special cases, you will find that start ups are run by people who have been operating in this industry as either managers or drivers.

Any car that is used to ferry members of the public needs to be covered by a commercial coverage policy. In this particular kind of policy, the amount paid for sedans will be different than that paid for limos. Limos are required to take a policy of about one point five million dollars.

Each client will need to perform a live inspection before parting with any money. The purpose of this live inspection is to make sure that you are well accustomed with the vehicle models that are available. Always ensure you are the one who has performed this assessment.

A person who is not sure on where to start can reach out to his friends for information. What he needs to do is reach out to people who have a history of using this kind of transportation. The people in question should however be individuals who can be trusted and whose opinion is not biased.

Billing is a process you need to pay careful attention to. You should go through the billing details to make certain that all the relevant details have been included. Among the details that needs to be included are the gratuity that has been paid as well as what the total fare is.

Before signing on to work with any company, make sure that you have sought information on the number of hours that it offers service. If looking to use this service at night, establish whether this firm has an emergency response team. Emergency contact details should also be provided to all clients.

Some clients may be tempted to look at the size of a fleet when making a decision. Even though a larger fleet may signal good management, it does not necessary mean that the service offered is above board. All companies will usually have their own management policies.

The law stipulates that any driver hired by a limo company needs to take a number of tests. Top on the list of tests to be taken will be the drug and physical ability tests. Companies are also required to conduct their own due diligence and determine whether these individuals have a criminal past.

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