Saturday, January 24, 2015

Planning The Playground Games For Children

By Enid Hinton

Children often learn a lot of life lessons while they are playing with other children during play time. Of course it is the job of the teacher to ensure that the students know how to play the playground games that were planned for them and to explain to them why the games were played. Here are a few of the most popular activities that kids just love.

Now one game that is a big hit among any student that can run whether male or female would of course be tag. Now everyone is probably familiar with tag as the game wherein the it would chase other players to make them it. This is one of the games that would really make a kid tired and would also teach him about how to cooperate too.

Now tug of war is a very popular game in a lot of schools because it is one that would help students gain physical strength and teach them some values. Now the rules are two teams are going to be pulling a rope in opposite directions trying to bring the rope to their side. This game requires a lot of team effort and will not work unless everyone cooperates.

Now yet another fun and tiring game would be piggy in the middle or monkey in the middle. Now there are two teams on the right and left side of the field that are trying to hit a guy in the middle. The guy in the middle is supposed to avoid being hit by a ball that the two teams would be throwing at him otherwise he will be out.

Now another game that needs quite a big number of players would be the game get the flag. Now in this game, the class would first be divided into two big teams that would each have their own respective flags. Now the whole objective of the game is for one to try to grab the flag of the opposing team and not get touched by any of them otherwise he will go to jail.

Now croquet is one fun game that does not require much running and is good for the less sporty children. Basically, two or probably more players have to hit balls of different colors into some hoops with a croquet stick. This is a game that can actually teach tactical ability.

Now dodgeball is yet another great game but it is probably better for the older children who are more sporty. Dodgeball teaches quick thinking, teamwork, and encourages one to boost up his reflexes. Basically, the rules of the game is for a team to grab as many balls as possible and to hit the players of the opposing team with these balls until they are all out.

Now if one would want to plan some great activities for children, these games are really good. However, a teacher should never forget that the students must also learn the purpose of playing these games. It is important that the teacher would tell them what values are learned while playing.

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