Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Exciting Challenge That Is Canoe Harpeth River

By Janine Hughes

Harpeth River is a long 115m stretch whose course traverses two counties. The river offers a scenic and majestic view as it meanders through various geographical obstacles such as rocks and tree banks. Due to the many twists and turns as it flows, the river has developed rapids and banks filed with sand. These are no doubt suitable for picnics or enjoying the sunshine. They are also suitable for Canoe Harpeth River.

This has become a favorite pastime for the people living in the area. Canoeing is top among the leisure activities and this is attested by the number of businesses dealing with various aspects of the activity. You can be asking what makes it so exciting. After all it seems a little dangerous to a new comer. Well, for starters they are many locations you can enjoy it.

They have watched as groups and individuals come year in and out to practice a favorite past time. These days organizations and clubs are putting together these trips for their members and clients. The beauty of the river coupled with the abundance of wildlife and other tourist attractions make it the ideal destination.

Along the trip sometimes you get a glimpse of deer skirting in the bush or beavers running across the banks. This will no doubt make the wildlife enthusiasts excited and perhaps plan more trips. During your free time you can visit the Native American ceremonial and burial places to get a deeper understanding of their heritage. Canoeing is just one part of the entire experience and it would be worth your time to learn more about your surroundings. This increases the allure of the sport.

Contrary to what many people think, Canoeing is relatively inexpensive. You do not have to go the purchase route instead it is much cheaper if you decide to hire the equipment. This relives you of the burden of having to shoulder the transport and storage costs. All you have to do is arrive at the chosen destination and inquire around for the dozen or so hire outlets.

With those worries out of your mind the trip is guaranteed to be a success. In case a person has brought his own equipment then it is an added merit. With your equipment you are ready to enjoy yourself. A few refreshments maybe needed as it can be a hungry exercise.

Another merit of the sport is the amazing benefits for physical fitness. The activity involves a lot of muscle work as paddle through the rough waters. The Upper section of your body will have the muscles undergo a good workout. The experience will make you stronger with little subconscious effort from yourself. Do not be surprised upon completion you feel like you have carried weights. This beats going to the gym and spending time and money to achieve fitness.

Canoeing is a good sport that does miracles for a persons fitness and mental health. It could be the perfect way to unwind after a long day and also exercises your mind as you steer through the river. If you do not own a canoe there are outlets that you can hire one from. Their prices are affordable.

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