Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tips For Finding The Best St Maarten Activities

By Janine Hughes

St. Maarten is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. People go there to enjoy the sun, warm weather and friendly atmosphere. There are various st maarten activities that you can try if you are planning to visit there.

The most obvious things for tourists to enjoy are water sports and activities. There are almost forty beaches and bays around the island, where guests can go swimming, sailing and charter fishing. The island is well known for its white sand beaches. You can also participate in sports such as kayaking and wind surfing. Many guest just like to take it easy and lounge by the ocean.

There are many activities available for visitors who love the water. You can go racing in a catamaran or snorkeling around the coral reefs. You can also go kayaking or swimming on one of the many beaches there. If you enjoy deep sea fishing, you can charter a fishing boat for a day and fish for marlin and other local fish.

If you enjoy history, there are many historic activities you can participate in there. St. Maarten has strong historic ties between the French and the Dutch, and this is prevalent in many areas of the island. You can climb Mount Concordia to view the spot where the peace treaty was signed between the French and Dutch more than 350 years ago. At the St. Maarten Museum, you can view the remains of many local shipwrecks. The Arawak Museum in Marigot displays many artifacts from the pre-Colombian era.

If you love marine animals, you may want to check out the Dolphin Fantasies Park, where guests can see live, trained dolphins. You can also swim with them if that is something you have always wanted to do. If you love animals, but swimming is not your thing, you can try horseback riding along one of the many beaches on the island.

There are many sidewalk cafes and duty free shopping venues in St. Maarten. The sidewalk cafes are interesting places to relax and watch people go by. The boardwalk in Phillipsburg offers many shops for tourists to visit to purchase mementoes of their visit. There is also a marketplace in Marigot with stalls and stores that sell local crafts and souvenirs. In the Maho Village, there are more than forty boutique stores to shop in. The U. S. Dollar can be used everywhere in St. Maarten, making shopping convenient for tourists.

Before you being to plan your activities, decide when you want to visit the island. You can go in the summer months, although you will want to be careful that the place is not overcrowded due to large amounts of tourists visiting at the same time. You can also visit in the winter months. If you do visit in the winter, the weather will likely still be pleasant, however, you will need to check if the activities you want to do will still be available, or whether they are just seasonal. You should check this ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Once you have decided when you want to visit, write up an itinerary of what activities you want to do and where you want to do them. Create a day by day schedule to ensure that nothing you want to do or see gets left out.

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