Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tips On A Limo Service Stamford CT

By Enid Hinton

When looking to renting a limousine, it will be important for a client to understand a number of things. Clients look for the Limo service Stamford CT, for various reasons. There are those who could be looking to using this automobile in a marriage ceremony, for an airport transfer, or even when heading to the prom.

Often, when it comes to airport transfers, the sedan is the most preferred vehicles. This will however depend on the number of people who are being picked or being dropped from the airport. The charge for this service will often range between twenty and fifty dollars.

The main limo will come in six different categories. The main difference between these categories is the number of people that each vehicle can comfortably carry. There are those that can carry a maximum of four people while others will carry as many as eighteen with all being comfortably seated.

For this kind, the rates are a bit higher than those paid for the sedan. For the specialty automobile, the client may have to part with up to three hundred dollars per hour. This is mainly due to the fact that they are very few.

For all the rental companies that are available, there is none that will provide a rental for one hour. The reason behind this being that the firm would be operating at a loss were it to choose to operate this way. Many companies will therefore choose to provide vehicles for a period of three hours or more.

Clients should inquire on what will be included with the service. Make sure you get the inclusive price which should include the total fare that will be charged to you. This is important as it will ensure that the company does not attempt to tack in more charges in to the bill.

A client will need to make sure that he has tipped the driver at the end of the journey. Just like other professionals in the service industry, drivers need to be tipped for the service that they have provided to you. The tip should be at least twenty percent of the total amount of money paid as fare.

If you would like to consume some drinks when on board, you can always make a request to the company. Many companies will oblige provided that one is overage. The same will also apply for those who would like to smoke.

You should make an inquiry on when the firm will begin charging you. It is common to find that different companies do it differently. There are those that will start charging as soon as the vehicle is out of the lot while others start charging when the first passenger is picked up.

For those looking to attend a wedding, they will be charged in form of packages. A normal package often comes with a time period of about six hours. In this package you will find that there are various services that have been included in it including complementary drinks which are often nonalcoholic in nature.

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