Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Corporate Parking Services In Troy City Miami

By Olivia Cross

Corporate travel arrangements for your company are one of the regular duties you have to deal with. You have to handle many elements as you make travel arrangements for your corporate team membership failure to which the trips will become expensive or stressful. One of the elements you have to contend with is obtaining secure storage facilities for your team members personal or corporate cars. Corporate Parking Services in Troy City Miami will you give a peace of mind.

You will be provided with several solutions from the corporate car storage services. One such service is that your team members will get inexpensive, easy and fast travel experience. Once your team arrives at the storage facilities, they will get any assistance they need while preparing for their trip and their vehicles will be secured.

Once the corporate teams vehicles are taken care of, the services crew shall assist them with their respective luggage and any other requisite travelling needs. The parking service pride themselves on their ability of taking car of their clients priced vehicles and not merely storing them while their owners are away. Any corporate member will then enjoy their respective, comfortable and relaxing ride in a shuttle to the nearest airport.

Corporate team members taking a business trip can call back to the parking service crew before they arrive back from their trip. This way, plenty of time is available to clean, wax and polish meaning that the team returns to find superbly looking cars. This also allows setting up of the best shuttle pick up from the airport straight back to their waiting cars.

The corporate team members are not only assured of secure storage and valet services for their cars but such other amenities like a free day of storage for a number of days stored. Better deals are available the larger the corporate membership is. Special offers are also available such as long time iconic car storage, special event storage and even photo and film shooting.

The parking services are owned by local Troy residents. These local owners have a deep understanding of local corporate needs and have extensive experience when it comes to valet and secure storage for your corporate cars. You will not be dealing with a cold national corporate entity that treats you, your associate account and vehicles like a statistic or ledger entry.

All the employees are local people who have been comprehensively trained. The result is fantastic customer care when it comes to your associate car valet and storage services. This can be measured by the numerous positive recommendations and referrals to other companies which have brought more happy clients.

Every service you and your corporates entity get will be at a bargain price. This happens because the cost of your service is based on the corporate entity as opposed to the individual unit airport parking services use. This means corporate calculation costs of doing business are low which is then passed on to you therefore the cheaper pricing for every unit.

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