Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Experience Machu Picchu And Galapagos Combined Tours

By Olivia Cross

One of the most difficult parts of planning a great vacation is trying to decide which destination to choose. Throughout the world, there are quite literally thousands of options from which one may pick. Many have found that by opting for packages such as the Machu Picchu and Galapagos combined tours, they can optimize their time by seeing two wonderful locations to visit in a single excursion.

Through travel agents specializing in South American destinations, one may book a customized or standard package that rolls two incredible locations into one getaway. Some of the things that might be included in the price are travel accommodations around the area via boats, trains, planes or automobiles, as well as bookings at area hotels, inns or rental homes. The details can often be adjusted to fit an individual's preferences and budget.

There are several other amenities that one may also choose to include. As an example, a guided tour through the ruins or around the islands might be added, reservations at dining establishments, special shows, fun activities and even bus, train or helicopter rides to sight see the surrounding areas as well. An individual may discuss their preferences with their agent to customize the perfect vacation.

Set on a high Andean hilltop in Peru, the ruins, which are a complete city constructed in the traditional Inca style of polished dry stone walls, are considered one of the major world wonders. Until the early 20th century, this site was virtually unknown to any modern man. It has managed to remain intact and in near pristine condition thanks to the protective efforts of several groups dedicated to historical preservation.

Exploring this site gives the visitor a glimpse back into the life of a 15th century Inca civilization. Split into agricultural, urban and religious sections, the city is arranged for optimal utilization of natural resources. When one stands at the temple on the highest point of the hill, they will be able to look out over the magnificence of the valley which sprawl out far below them.

Traveling to the archipelago, which consists of 19 islands and dozens of islets straddling the equator, is like witnessing all of evolution in one location. This land is like no other place on Earth and features varied terrains and unique climates as well as a most unusual collection of flora and fauna. It is a magical place that seems unbelievable to those beholding it for the first time.

The Nazca Plate is the most seismically active region on Earth and the archipelago sitting directly atop it is constructed almost entirely of volcanic rock. It holds many types of foliage and interesting features like tower formations, steep cliffs, hidden caves, submerged craters and coral reefs. Hundreds of bird species, penguins, marine iguanas, stingrays, sea turtles, sea lions, whales and giant tortoises are among the wildlife living here.

Each of these beautiful South American locations will give the traveler a vacation they are sure to recall for many years to follow. One may not only get a glimpse of how life was for one ancient civilization, but they will see a land of evolutionary wonder. This type of getaway is truly an opportunity to see the world as never before.

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