Thursday, February 12, 2015

Finding Great Deals Find Good St Thomas Transportation Service

By Beryl Dalton

Many people vacation in St. Thomas every year. St. Thomas is a tropical Island in the Caribbean that is popular for its warm weather and climate, natural amenities and various activities. You can book a vacation there online very easily, however, if you are planning to visit there, you may want to look into various St Thomas transportation service.

You can try renting a car while you are there. This lets you explore the island at your leisure. There are various rental agencies at the airport, as well as near the cruise ship dock. Many resorts have rental cars too. Research the local agencies and choose the best one for you. Having a rental car can make sightseeing and getting around the island easier.

There is also a ferry service and various commuter airlines for those who want to try inter-island travel. You should check out the ferry schedules and the air carrier offices for their fees and information.

There are many ways to get around the Island. You can travel in an open-air truck called the safari cab which is covered and has bench seats. These cabs usually operate between the cruise-ship terminals and the downtown area, which are high-traffic areas. They normally charge passengers one dollar per ride. This is the cheapest way to get around the island.

Passenger and ferry services are available to those tourists who want to visit some of the neighboring islands such as Water Island and St. Croix. The busiest time of the year tends to be January through March, so be careful of crowded ferries. Many ships dock at Havensight Pier or Crown Bay, which are the main docks for visiting cruise ships. These piers are popular because they are a short drive to downtown Charlotte Amalie, where tourists can visit shops and restaurants.

There are also buses that travel between the towns and by the airport. You will have to check the schedules of the city and county buses to find out how they operate and what their fees are. Be aware that the public buses are not always very reliable, so do not take them if you are on a tight schedule.

There are many sightseeing companies on the island who will take you around to view the place for a fee. Ask your travel agent if they know of any sightseeing companies there that they can get in touch with for you. Many of them also arrange excursions to nearby islands and popular spots.

Dollar rides are normally one dollar for short trips and two dollars for longer trips across the island. Safari cabs are basically unregulated, so be mindful that you are getting a fair fare. Some safari cab drivers charge visitors regular taxi rates. Where you go depends entirely on your interests and your finances.

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