Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How To Do Wine Tours Successfully

By Beryl Dalton

One of the most interesting vacation to go to are a tour on vineyards. This is where the magic of wine happens. And if you are a fan of the drink, this is simply something that you have to try as well. Through this, you would know the entire process of how your favorite beverage is made. There are different things that you have to prepare first if you want this to be something that you would remember.

When you are on vacation, it is easy to forget what things you must do and what are those that you should not do ever. And when this happens, it is very easy to have special wine tours turn into one disaster. The first step to the best tour would be choosing the place where you want to go. If you want to explore somewhere closer to home, you can go for Stony Brook, New York. There are various Stony Brook wine tours that you can book ahead.

During the entire trip you might decide to purchase some bottles. That is why it is important that you purchase boxes ahead. There are also Styrofoam holders for the bottles. You might waste good wines if you do not do this.

Hiring a driver would be best. This works for everyone because at some point, you will get tipsy and dizzy from all the tasting sessions that you will do. Even when you are familiar with the place, it is smart to avoid any type of accident by hiring someone who can drive you to the winery and back to the city.

If you have kids, you need to make sure that it would be the best choice to bring them along. This is sometimes a once in a lifetime experience. And you would want to make sure that your child would experience it too. But they might get bored when they are holed up with you in the tasting room. Better ask in advance whether they provide entertainment for kids in vineyards you are touring.

It would be better if you always go early. And if it is on weekends, all the more you need to be ahead of the time. You have to know that one of the things that makes this experience really memorable is the time that you get to talk with the owner. You will surely learn a lot. But when they are too busy, you might not be able to get that talk.

Politeness is a prerequisite. It is true that you are a guest. But you went there because you know that you would experience tasting something that would become expensive sooner or later. And the least that you could show the owners of the place is the respect that you have for them.

Mingling with the other guests is very important. It will help you in learning more about the wines and the tasting and making procedures. But if you do not know a lot about wines, you need to research before hand. Usually, people would ask you what your favorite wine is. And to start a smooth flowing conversation, you need to at least have an answer.

It would be good to remember that this is place for tasting and not a bar. There are others who get carried away with their tasting sessions that they drink more than a glass. You will surely ruin the experience for everybody in cases like this so you have to be careful.

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