Thursday, February 26, 2015

Important Details About Valet Parking Services Troy

By Olivia Cross

There are a few aspects that would need to be considered when deciding whether to employ the services of valet parking companies. The location will be a very important factor. If the area is busy, has limited parking and inconvenient, then customers will appreciate the convenience of these services. When considering offering valet parking services Troy residents have to do so in locations that are marketable and busy.

In the event that one is expecting bad weather during a function such as a wedding, hiring a company to do the parking will be important. This gives the organizers one thing less to worry about. The guests will be grateful that you took the extra measure for them. Actually, the weather may be very good in the beginning before changing in the last minute. This explains why the services will still be crucial. They should be planned.

Fives star hotels and restaurants are supposed to have these services. The customers that visit such places always expect to get the convenience of having their cars parked for them. Opening such businesses with no parking services will have a negative effect on growth. Valet parking services give businesses a professional and polished look. Issues of liability are the most crucial that this business comes with. It will be important to get the right cover for the liability.

The right policies will address different areas. General liability covers injury to persons or their property caused by the valet attendants. These will include among others direct injuries that are caused by drivers that hit pedestrians. Garage keepers liability will cover any damage to a vehicle that is parked and is under the care of the firm offering the services. It will include vehicle theft or collisions for vehicles under their custody.

Workers compensation policy offers medical and disability coverage for valets as well as other employees for any injuries they sustain at work. It will also offer reimbursement for lost wages as such employees recover. The rates for the insurance will depend on type of business, whether self parking is an option and whether it operates on private or public property.

There are circumstances that may occur which will be beyond the responsibility of the company or owner of the property. If the attendants properly parked and locked the car and it is vandalized, the company will not be held liable. In such cases, the personal automobile insurance of the driver will cover the damages. The company will also not be liable for damage relating to weather like hail, sandstorms or floods. This is unless the company promised covered parking and the car got parked in the open.

The firms offering the services will not be liable for personal property that gets lost in the vehicle. Therefore, it is not recommended that one leaves their most important possessions in the car. Before opening such business legal concerns should be addressed.

An attorney should be hired to come up with policies to address various issues. There should also be development of safety standards for the company. Drivers should be screened to ensure they comply with requirements.

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