Friday, February 27, 2015

Loads Of People Are Choosing Santa Barbara

By Olivia Cross

Have you ever wanted to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations? What would you do if you were told that the town you lived in was probably the best place to start looking for this tourist destination? Santa Barbara is a place that is well known nationally as well as internationally as the best tourist destination.

People that live in this town can even enjoy the incredible things that the town has for tourist. They do not even have to travel very far to have the tourist experience. They can have it almost in their own back yard.

In the census that was done in the year two thousand and ten it was discovered that the population number has come down slightly from the count of the previous census. The census of two thousand and ten showed that the population number stands at eighty eight thousand four hundred and ten people. This is about one thousand one hundred and ninety people less than the previous census.

This area is an incredible tourist area. It is also a very popular resort destination. There are quite a few neighborhoods in this area. Most of these neighborhoods are very popular. The Mesa is one of the neighborhoods in this area. It stretches over about two point five miles. It is situated close to the beach and it also embodies a beach kind of vibe. The people that stay in this area will have access to the beach called Mesa Lane beach. This however is not the only beach that they will have access to.

Thousand steps beach is another beach that they will be able to visit. The next neighborhood that will be discussed is known as the Mission canyon. This neighborhood will stretch from that old mission and will run along the foothill road.

It will go east into mission canyon road as well as Las Canoas road. You will find that there are also very popular hiking trails in this area. Nice camping spots are also available here.

No one will even have to inform you or show you that this is the tree. This fig tree is known as the Moreton Bay Fig Tree. This three has been measured to be twenty four meters, or eighty feet tall. Not only is this a huge tree, but it also provides that biggest piece of shade that has ever been provided by one single tree.

This is quite impressive and that is why this tree is so popular. There is also the Wharf that is a nice place to go to. Here you can spend the whole day with friends and family.

There are a couple of special tourist attractions in this area. Stearns Wharf is close to the harbor. Here they will find the Ty Warner sea Centre, and some restaurants as well as little shops where the tourists can buy things to remind them of the visit. The biggest fig tree will also be found in this area. This tree is very well known. It is about eighty feet tall. This tree also provides the largest known piece of shade that can be provided by a tree, which is quite a lot.

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