Thursday, February 19, 2015

Must-Have Features For A Wheels For Golf Bag

By Beryl Dalton

There are many types of bags made available for people to use these days. If you wish for a good example of it, then there is the recently popular wheels for golf bag. This is the luggage you carry around with you if you are golfing with business partners, friends, or family members. It is a convenient luggage to carry all your stuff around.

Pick out the one that suits you the most. If you plan to make this purchase, then you better remember what features one must look into to get the most out of the said purchase. These features are what will optimize your use of the luggage. Here are those features which you must look into.

First, you have to look into the dividers. The dividers divide the top opening of this luggage. You can find a lot of bags nowadays which do not have the aid dividers while there are others that have a 14-way divider. The length also differs depending on the kind of luggage you opt for. You have to choose carefully then.

Putter well. It is also required of you to find one which has a putter well. The putter well is the separate compartment where you will be putting your putters. It is through the putter well that you can avoid damaging other clubs' shafts. It is also through this that you can preserve the good condition of your putter heads.

There should be pockets with the said luggage. You will need it to bring spare balls or tees. There are gears you have to stuff in your luggage as well. There are even times when you need a separate pocket to put in your cellphone. Think about what stuff you want to bring with you when golfing and decide on the number of pockets accordingly.

Straps and handles. It is definitely a given to know what type of straps and handles the luggage have before you place an order. After all, this is the feature which will tell you whether or not this bag is easy to handle. It can either be in a backpack-style or in a single-strap style. Choose well.

Umbrella holder. There should also be an umbrella holder with the luggage you ordered. This is, as its name says, a compartment in your luggage which will hold the umbrella. The umbrella is necessary when you are golfing because this is what will protect you from both the sun and the rain.

Rain hood. Protection against weather conditions like intense heat of the sun and rain should not only be given to you. Your luggage should also be properly protected. It is better for you to pick out the bag with the proper weather protection system such as the rain hood then.

Try to find a luggage with a towel loop or ring as well. Most of the existing bags these days have some external towel holder. You can choose among choices such as loop, ring, or clip. Through this feature, you can easily prepare a towel to wipe off sweat or dirt from your face.

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