Friday, February 27, 2015

Retire In Florida And Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Living In The Sunshine State

By Jony Mozen

Everybody looks forward to a comfortable retirement. Those are the years when one can finally relax and concentrate on those hobbies and activities for which there never seemed time before. A comfortable retirement requires careful planning, however. Millions of people suffer through their pension years because they simply did not plan and save. To retire in Florida is a life long dream of many couples.

There are many good reasons why the Sunshine State is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the United States. It boasts marvellous weather all year round. It offers some of the most spectacular theme parks in the world and it is the home of numerous extraordinary sites of natural beauty. The entire state boasts numerous retirement communities where it is easy to meet like minded people.

One of the main reasons why pensioners flock to the Sunshine State is the fact that there is no taxation on personal income. Neither are there any death or estate taxes. This means that retired couples with a fixed income can rest assured that a hundred per cent of their income remains theirs to use for themselves. The absence of estate taxes means that loved ones will eventually be able to inherit more.

There are also other financial benefits. The cost of living in this state is generally much lower than other parts of the USA. Because the state has so many residents that are pensioners businesses go out of their way to attract the custom of this sought after target market. Pensioners enjoy discount at numerous facilities and shops. Many municipals also offer pensioners housing and public transport benefits.

The Sunshine State also offer citizens some of the very best medical facilities in the world. The large elderly population has motivated many facilities, specialists and practitioners to focus on those conditions most likely to be experienced by older people. Quality medical attention is high on the list of priorities for most pensioners. Many retirement villages even offer their own medical treatment centres.

There is another very important law of the Sunshine State that is very attractive to pensioners that are financially vulnerable. State laws prohibit the attachment of a primary home. No creditor or lien holder may take away the home of any resident, regardless the circumstances. This is a vital issue for pensioners that are dependent upon fixed incomes. This makes a Florida retirement safe.

The safety of citizens of this state is rated above average. The State is serious about crime prevention and visible policing is a serious priority. Many retirement village boast extended security features with armed guards, alarms and access control. This makes residents feel safe. They like the idea that they can walk on the streets, even at night.

There are indeed many excellent reasons why retiring in Florida is so attractive to so many pensioners. Not only do citizens of this state enjoy brilliant weather, but they also enjoy many tax breaks and a style of living that will be difficult to achieve elsewhere. The Sunshine State will remain to be a retirement destination for many years to come.

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