Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shaver Lake Camping Packages Have Really Taken Off

By Beryl Dalton

No one is immune to the hassle and bustle of everyday life especially if one works or lives in big metropolitan cities. One needs to have a break in order to keep healthy and ensure that the family is also happy. Shaver Lake camping could be just what is needed to bring that relaxed feeling to everyone even if it is just for a few weeks.

There is a marina in the campgrounds and they offer a large selection of water crafts from which to rent. Many like to set up camp for the day on the shores and frolic in the water. Unfortunately spending the night along the shoreline is not allowed so things will need to be packed up at the end of the day and taken back to the camping site.

For the fisherman there is a large variety of fish that can be caught. The rainbow trout, Kokannee salmon as well as catfish and bluegills are abundant. Many people come from far and wide for the fishing and it is open year round.

There was once a railroad that operated and was a standard gauge track. It is estimated that sixty percent of all lines around the world are made from this gauge. Its main purpose was to move wood that had been cut down to sawmills and lumber yards. It was eventually abandoned in 1927 after been in use for thirty six years.

Twenty more minutes further up the road one will find the China Perak Ski Resort which is a popular place during the colder months. The mountain is about eight thousand and seven hundred feet high and offers a freestyle terrain park. This is an excellent place for beginners both skiing and snowboarders as they offer a moving carpet.

The lake itself is breathtaking with all the trees and granite outcroppings which make up about ninety percent of the shoreline. There are many wake free covers where boats can be anchored while people play and splash in the water. All kinds of water crafts are welcome. These range from kayaks, deck boats, canoes, sail boats and jet skis.

For those that are able to sleep on their crafts this is allowed but sleeping on the shoreline is prohibited. Launching of boats can be done either in the campground itself or at the north end just past the dam. They are both full service marinas with supplies and fuel and for those that do not own a boat these are available for hire as well.

There are many different and enjoyable activities that one can do at the Shaver camping grounds. It is a place to just relax and take in the beauty that is all around. Many are too busy with life to sit back and to truly see what this planet has to offer.

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