Monday, February 23, 2015

What To Look For When Selecting An Electric Bike Kit

By Olivia Cross

There is nothing more rewarding than the rush of a cool breeze against your face as you cycle along a scenic road leisurely watching the cars pass you by. Suddenly, a large hill looms ahead. For most bicycling enthusiasts this means a leg crunching upwards journey, or slow walk up an incline. Scenarios like this can be made easy by attaching an electric bike kit to an existing two wheeler. Before rushing out to purchase the first one you come across, here are a few things to look for when selecting a model.

Make sure to understand the words on the box! The last thing you want to do is randomly select a kit only to go home and discover it does not meet your needs. There is a big difference between the requirements of a daily commuter to that of a lazy bike ride. Also, watch out for gas powered products as this is not legal to use in certain regions.

After you are comfortable with the language, check what a starter kit contains. A basic kit will have three things which are the console, the motor, and the battery. These are all interlinked, and connected directly onto your bike.

The motor connects directly to the back wheel, and will often be sold already connected to a back tire. A thin wire connects the motor to the battery which periodically needs to be recharged. Batteries are easily removed, then locked into place between rides. Finally, the battery connects to the console located on the handle bar. The console is the brain of the unit as it monitors factors such as speed, available battery life, distance traveled, and so on.

Spend a few minutes deciding what you need. Take into consideration how far you will travel, the terrain you will encounter, and the purpose of the two wheeler. Determine if you prefer to use a pedal assisted model or one that comes with throttle control. Pay attention to the type of motor in the kit, and whether it is front or rear mounted. Cheaper models usually include chain driven motors that are louder, and less efficient.

Make sure to focus on the battery as this will be the deciding factor for the entire setup. Batteries come in different shapes, sizes, and options. Choose one that will both complement your bicycle aesthetically while giving you enough battery life to get from point A to point B. Check the voltage and amp as a high capacity will allow you to achieve higher speeds and will give more range.

While it may be tempting to purchase a new electric bicycle, there are many advantages to selecting a kit instead. For one, you get to use your existing cycle which is broken in, comfortable, and proven. Second, this saves you a nice amount of money. Finally, a kit only adds an additional twenty pounds to your bike, and can be attached to any model be it recumbent, traditional, or a trike.

This type of transportation is growing in popularity for one simple reason - its fun! A bicycle kit allows you to modify your favorite two wheeler in any way imaginable. Not only does this save you money, but it allows you to ride further, faster, and with less effort.

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