Sunday, February 8, 2015

What To Pack For Sequoia National Park Camping

By Beryl Dalton

Whether it be in spring or in summer, it is highly recommended for people to camp outdoors together with the entire family. Not only is this a fun activity that helps people move their body around, it is also a good way for the entire family to bond. It is especially better for you if you can go for Sequoia national park camping.

The said camp is the right place for you to spend a vacation at. Of course, when you choose this, you need to pack the right things together with you. There are stuff that you must bring, after all. If you are going on the camp, then here are some of the things one needs to bring.

First, there is a need for you to think about the right luggage and bag to bring on this camp. The said camp is a trail toward nature. Do not expect too much concrete when traveling from one point to another at this camp. This is the primary reason why you are discouraged from bringing rolling luggages with you.

Think what clothing to pack. Even though it is already summer, you can only feel the heat while you are still at the valley. The park itself should be a lot cooler, regardless of what time of the day it is. Since this happens, then you should never forget to pack warmer clothing in your bag during the camp.

Various toiletries and medical supplies should be brought here. Prioritize sunscreen as well as mosquito repellent. Adhesive bandages and your favorite treatment to blisters should be brought as well. Painkillers as well as your usual meds should be brought along too.

Taking pictures should be natural when you go to the campground. After all, it is okay to bring a camera during this trip. If you do bring your own camera, make sure to pack enough batteries and films for it. These items can be quite expensive when bought at the place. Also, bring enough storage memory for your DSLR.

You can do more than just camp in this place. You can take an enjoyable moment in the each or you can camp out during the night. Since you can do a lot of activities, you have to take this in mind when considering what to bring. For example, if you plan to spend the night here, then bring a flashlight with you.

Bears exist in this place. Be wary of them and take them into consideration when you pack, especially when it comes to your food. It is better to buy or rent lightweight bear canisters and bear-proof boxes to use to pack your food so that the bears cannot sniff it out. The latter would be problematic, after all.

You need to follow the rules while you are at the camp. Remember that this place is a part of nature. Thus, you should not leave your garbage behind. This means you have to dispose of garbage properly. Pack them out so that you do not dirty the place. This is also a way for you to protect yourself from bears.

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