Monday, February 2, 2015

What You Need To Know About Hiring A Long Island Wedding DJ

By Ines Flores

Weddings are important events for many people. Most couples spend a lot of money on their weddings to ensure that they are successful. To make your special occasion memorable and entertaining, you can enlist the services of a Long Island wedding DJ. Professional DJs offer a variety of services to ensure that everyone attending a wedding has a great time.

Most DJs bring their own professional audio systems and lighting equipment to an event. With this equipment, disc jockeys can replicate the atmosphere of a nightclub. When you hire a professional disc jockey, you will not have to worry about getting additional entertainment equipment.

Hiring a DJ is usually less costly than hiring a live band. You also do not need to have a huge venue to accommodate the professional. Even though some people argue that bands offer a more fun atmosphere, a DJ makes up for what he or she lack in variety. This professional will not have problems getting your guests entertained with an extensive playlist of carefully chosen songs. Your guests may also request any song they want to hear and the disc jockey will play it.

DJs can also act as masters of ceremonies. Therefore, you do not have to worry about who will be the master of ceremonies in your event if you do not have anyone in mind. A DJ can also easily handle technical issues involving sound equipment. He or she can balance the sound, place speakers at the right places and adjust the volume if necessary. An enthusiastic disc jockey can also draw out shy guests to the dance floor.

Prior to hiring a DJ in Long Island, NY, one of the things you should consider is the level of experience he or she has. Inquire if the professional is knowledgeable about organizing wedding receptions. It is wise to hire a person who has performed in many receptions before. You can find out if the DJ you want to hire is experienced by asking him or her to provide you with a number of references.

After getting the names and phone numbers of some previous clients, call them and inquire about the experience they had after hiring the disc jockey. You should find out if the professional was readily available as they planned their wedding and whether he or she arrived on time. You should also find out if the DJ remembered to include special requests or dances as he or she performed at their occasions.

The other thing you should discuss about is the fees you will pay. Inquire if the DJ will charge you overtime fees and if tips are included in his or her fees. You should also discuss the payment terms. The DJ may ask you to pay a deposit and tell you when you should pay the balance. Holding onto the balance until your wedding reception is over is wise.

The other important thing to consider when hiring a disc jockey is if he or she will provide you with a written contract. This contract should contain details about the dates when the professional will work, the fees, refund policy. It should also state that he or she will attend the event in person. The contract should also state who will take the place of the disc jockey if he or she is unable to attend the event due to an illness or other emergency.

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