Sunday, February 22, 2015

What You Should Know About Bed And Breakfast Allentown Pa Professionals

By Olivia Cross

The people who visit Allentown, PA are not always the locals. In most cases, they are experts who have traveled from other countries to come and hold meetings with their bosses or seek more businesses. Therefore, there is a need for excellent bed and breakfast Allentown pa offers in the city. For you to penetrate the market, you must fully understand what it takes to satisfy your customers. The following should be your routine responsibilities.

Early in the morning, there are routine chores that your employees must perform. These include preparing the tables and cleaning utensils for the guests. The kitchen staff will be preparing breakfast and other light dishes. It is advisable to ask the guests what foods they like. This inquiry should be done on the day that the guest checks in.

High standards of hygiene and sanitation must be observed. You should hire stewards who shall be cleaning the tables, washrooms and the rooms where the clients sleep. Have laundry attendants to be cleaning the clothing used in your business. This will include bedding, towels, table cloths and kitchen garments.

If a theft case happens, you should hold the associated employee accountable and let him return the item or pay for the loss caused. This is why installing surveillance cameras in your rooms are very essential. The cameras will help you confirm that indeed the employee stole the item, because some clients may be lying for their own interests.

It is challenging to deal with the customers at times. This is because some of them are very messy and they will leave the rooms in a very bad condition. Therefore, your employees should inspect each room after clearing the visitor. The bedding must be changed, the floor and toilets cleaned, and left in a good condition ready for the next guest.

The attendants that you employ mean so much to your business. Therefore, they have to be qualified for the job in terms of experience and professional trainings. If they do not have any previous work experience, you should not bother hiring them unless you want to train them first, which can be costly and time consuming for your company.

The front area of the premises speaks a lot about your business. It must be arranged in a proper way and if possible find a florist who can be supplying you with beautiful flowers for the reception. Flowers are welcoming and somehow they contribute to a cool rapport between the receptionist and the guests.

As a manager, your work shall be to coordinate all the departments of the business. You must ensure that everyone is performing their duties diligently. Identify areas that you can improve or cut costs so as to increase the profits of the business.There should be excellent customer service. This is the backbone of your business. Never argue with a customer because it will show lack of professionalism. That client will not find seek your services again. Also, he will discourage his friends and colleagues from coming to spend nights at your place.

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