Thursday, March 5, 2015

Basic Details To Include When Making Hotel Key Card Sleeves

By Leslie Ball

Creating business cards requires planning. Aside from the design that you want it to have, you also need to take note of the branding. Deciding is one, having the right message included on it is another story. If you are someone assigned to create it, its vital that you know exactly the information that you need to include.

Cards are only some of the most common promotional materials that businesses like hotels use. They are portable and can easily be handed to a lot of people with ease. Much as how you prepare for the details inside the material itself, planning for the hotel key card sleeves design is just as important.

Now that many modern locks can already be accessed electronically, the key cards are becoming more like a mainstream tool for accessing rooms. As the one in charge of designing it and its sleeve, thinking of some important details is important. Take a quick look below.

Size of the sleeve. First thing you have to think about is how bit the size of the material is. Check the size of the cards that you have and make a sleeve that is at least one half size bigger than it. This will allow users to easily slid it in when they are not using it.

Quality of paper. There are many options in the market so finding a good one should not be difficult. The challenge comes with the specific type that you want to employ. Will you preffer the glossy type or will the rough touch be better. Should you use the thinner ones or the thick kinds.

Logo positioning. Logo is your company identity. You can let go of the name on the sleeve as long as you have this placed visible on it. When you make the sleeve, take time to consider the area where it will best fit. Will it look good in the center or will it be great on one corner.

Design. This can be tricky if you are not a designer yourself. The sleeve can be as simple as plain white with few information, or as colorful as it can be using the outer photo of the hotel as the main background. No matter what design you choose, just make sure that it does not steal away the attention from the most important part of the sleeve.

Free space. This is usually the back portion and is intended for placing any kind of vital information. One good example would be a guest safety tips. Or you can place some information on the most popular activity offered by the hotel which you want your guests to try out.

Being the one in charge for the designing or the messaging, you should learn how to work your way through the space that you have. How can you fit in everything. Or better yet, what information can you cut off. This can take time if you work on it yourself so do not hesitate to ask for suggestions from the people working with you on the same project.

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