Monday, March 23, 2015

Best Locations For Digital Nomads

By Alan Mahon

There are some places especially comfortable for digital nomads to live there. These locations are perfect for people who work online and are their own bosses. They have a stable internet connection and provide with ideal conditions for people who earn income online. So let's take a look at some of the best locations for digital nomads.

Berlin, the cheapest of the capitals in this region, is among the most preferred destinations for digital nomads and not without reason. This is a paradise for them combining a delicious and inexpensive food, affordable accommodation, good weather and excellent internet connection.

Colombia is another great place where digital nomads might take advantage of, especially the city of Medellin, which is safe enough and is even known as a "city of eternal spring". It is located on equator, which allows it to have a constant weather all year around. In addition, its location among the beautiful mountains makes the temperature just perfect for living. You can find here all you need at cheap prices, whether it is a food, clothes, entertainments or transportation.

Thailand is another great country chosen by hundreds of digital nomads. Bangkok, its capital offers excellent and cheap food, as well as great beaches. Although some people think that the weather is too hot here, others believe it is a perfect place to live and work having a lot of fun.

Others prefer to live in Shainghai, China, taking advantage of the nightlife and a range of different night clubs and bars. Local people are very friendly to all foreigners and probably this is the reason this city is becoming multinational. The prices for living here are cheap and the region is a safe and preferred place for residing.

Barcelona is a fantastic beautiful city located in Spain that can be a perfect destination for digital nomads. Although rumors say that the city is too expensive due to the endless number of tourists who come here; the truth is that the prices are very affordable. There are many wi-fi spots that will allow you to make use of wi-fi connection for free and work outdoors.

The beautiful Turkish city of Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast is another preferred place where many digital nomads would like to live. This place is very suitable for families with kids, as there are a lot of entertainments and playgrounds. Sunshine continues for 300 days during the year, while there are mostly rains during the short winter. The internet connection and speed are reliable and the Turkish food is so delicious that these are among the main reasons that explain why tourists and digital nomads come and stay here.

The last place to recommend to the digital nomads is a country, located on island, called Malta. It offers very affordable rental costs in one of the safest regions in the world. The weather is perfect almost all year around, maintaining constant temperature. European citizen can enter into the country without any restrictions and visas. Digital nomads can find here a lot of wi-fi spots that will give them an opportunity to work outdoors, as well as cheap and great food.

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