Monday, March 9, 2015

Catch And Release Striper Boston MA

By Leslie Ball

Fishing has become both an occupation and a pass time as more and more people take on to sport and game fishing as hobbies. For some species however, the attention has become too much and they need to be protected. Such include the striped bass and they are to be handled with care once caught. These should be later released back into their natural home. This method is known as Catch and release striper Boston MA during fishing.

To ensure the striped bass fish are protected from wasteful game fishing, there are laws and regulations set in various states. Any angler wishing to partake in the practice should be conversant with the regulations in that particular area. This is in special regard to waste of edible game fish which is noted to attract high fees, fines and in some cases jail time.

There are several factors that should be considered, and preparations made to ensure safety and ease of the bass fishing expedition. The main factor to consider has to do with temperature. Striped bass fishing is best done when temperatures are around or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The angler should also ensure he uses a strong tackle so as to reduce the stress on the fish when catching.

Various steps ought to be taken to ensure safety and well-being of a fish. These include making use of fake baits and barbless hooks. These have been specially developed to replace the traditional use of live bait and treble hooks, which have had some undue reputation of hurting some breeds of fish. Devices such as striper tubes are developed and used to promote safety of fish.

To make sure fish are kept safe and healthy, they should be taken out of water for as minimum as possible. Weighing fish ought to be done using a soft mesh net that will not hurt fish. After being weighed, fish must be returned slowly and gently into the water. The time a fish is kept for handling should also be kept at a minimum to ensure survival after release.

The striped bass should always be kept tranquil when being handled. This fish ought to be prevented from thrashing about, as this could cause injury to either or both the handler and them. They ought to be calmed down by holding it by the jaw and turning it onto its back. Covering the eyes whilst in this position has also been proven to relax and appease the fish.

Once the fish has been caught, the hooks used on it must be removed immediately. This must be done in a nippy and cautious way to ensure the particular fish is not hurt. A pair of pliers or forceps are ideal for such a job, and more so when the hook is lodged in an unusual and potentially dangerous position. This is preferably done under water to ensure the fish is at ease.

Striped bass fishing is quite popular. This is owed to fish being quite a tasty delicacy as well as a trophy prize for anglers. This could be a potential threat to the survival of the fish. To prevent this, there are stern rules, regulations and penalties associated with breaking the set regulations concerning fish.

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