Friday, March 20, 2015

Enjoyable Whale Watching Tours In Alaska

By Lelia Hall

Thousands of locals and tourists climb aboard catamarans and boats hoping to see the largest and majestic animals on earth. Various types of whales come to feed and play about twenty miles off the coast of Alaska.

Without a doubt, you will find the experience very exciting especially when you watch them in their most natural territory. Those who experienced this said that the experience will never be forgotten. However, you have to keep in mind that there can be no assurance that you will see the creatures during your trip, but whale watching tours in Alaska can still be pleasant.

Regardless if you have the tendency to get sea sick or not, it is best that you take medication. Since the Alaskan coast can get very rough, even seasoned sea-goers can even get sick very badly too. Prior to your scheduled trip, it is best that you take one several hours earlier and bring some with you. The trips basically last for 3 to 4 hours and it would not be pleasant at all if you get sick.

Bringing some beverages and food is necessary. He or she should eat regularly for him or her to feel better especially if he or she has gotten sick. It will not be necessary for him or her to stand in long lines anymore. Arriving at the venue half an hour early is necessary for him or her to obtain good seats. These trips are frequently crowded, so comfort is necessary for him or her to view the creatures and scenery better. The deck as well as the front area of the boat are excellent spots.

Do not forget to check the seas' height at the same time if fog is present. In case the seas are 5 to 10 feet high, you will most likely get sick because it is going to be a rough trip. The fog will hinder you to spot the whales. What you can do is ask for your trip to be scheduled some other time.

It is advisable for them to dress warm. At first, it may seem humid on shore, but they should remember that the temperature can be as low as forty degrees especially when they are out to sea. They will feel even colder because of the chilly wind from a fast moving boat. They will realize later on that it is best to dress warm.

They should also bring a windbreaker, several layers of sweatshirts, a jacket, gloves and winter hats. In addition, they should remember to bring a scarf. Of course, they should not forget to bring their video camera, binoculars and camera. These will allow them to capture lighthouses, seals, puffins, porpoises, whales and more.

In the event that the animals cannot be sighted, it is clever to select a company that can offer another trip. Without a doubt, guarantees cannot be provided especially that this is something nobody can control. You can still have a relaxing and enjoyable experience though because of the beautiful and fascinating scenery that will surely amaze and take your breath away too. You have to keep these tips in mind.

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