Monday, March 16, 2015

Fun Things To Do When Visiting Fort Myers Florida

By Jony Mozen

When one of the first forts was first built along the Caloosahatchee River to guard against attacks from the Indians, early residents would never have guessed that the lonely outpost will become a modern city that is both the seat and most important commercial centre for the Lee County. Fort Myers Florida, or The City of Palms, as it is also known, is now also a major tourist attraction.

No tourist should refrain from visiting the Darling National Wildlife Refuge, which was named after the famous cartoonist that also worked ceaselessly in aid of nature conservation. This park, 6000 acres big, is home to an astonishing variety of animals and plants. It is particularly popular with bird watchers. The park boasts an impressive 250 bird species and a very large community of migratory birds.

For those interested in history, the arts and the theatre the Florida Repertory Theatre will most likely stand up to its reputation as one of the top repertory companies in the United States. Built in 1908, it has seen celebrities such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison watching movies there. Today, it puts on world class productions ranging from comedy to drama.

No tourist visiting the City of Palms should miss an opportunity to tour the Edison and Ford Winter Estate. This large estate used to contain the winter residences of both the famous celebrities after which it is named. Visitors can delight in the many interesting inventions and other articles displayed in the Estate Museum. Visitors are also delighted by the Edison Botanical Research Laboratory.

Those who simply want to relax and enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings must make a point of visiting Sanibel Island. The beaches are truly magnificent and is famous for being one of the very best places in the world to hunt for shells. The water is refreshing and clear and the weather is magnificent all year round. Several tour operators offer trips to this beautiful barrier island.

Fishermen can be fanatic about their sport and the City of Palms will not disappoint them. There are many charter companies that take groups out to sea. It is also possible to hire a boat and to explore the waters at will. Fishing is even popular from the shore, with the pier at Sanibel Lighthouse being one of the most popular spots. Everything a fisherman could possibly want can be hired locally.

While the City of Palms offer visitors a staggering array of activities, sights and tours, it also caters for those that want to shop and dine. There are numerous highly rated restaurants. Accommodation options range from the ultimate five star luxury hotels to simple rustic cabins. There is something to suit every budget. The night life of the city is particularly lively and varied, ranging from top class jazz clubs to state of the art discos.

Before going there, spend some time planning and researching. The internet hosts many wonderful sites that offer good advice and full information about all the various options visitors to the city have. Booking activities, restaurants and accommodation in advance is a very good idea.

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