Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Having A Holiday Out In Tampa Florida Will Prove To Be Fun

By Jony Mozen

Many people work all their lives so that they are able to settle down and retire in a beautiful place where they can enjoy the rest of their lives. Ones such place whether one is retiring or not is Tampa Florida. It is near the Gulf of Mexico and the last survey that was taken in 2011 there were over three hundred and forty six million people living there.

There are many different beaches where many just sit and watch the sun go down. Spending time sitting watching the waves as well as people can be very relaxing. The beaches are all clean and sandy and there are many places where one can have a picnic and enjoy a good meal.

Any one that loves tropical climates will love this area. During the hot summer days there are many thunderstorms and during the colder months a light freeze will come from the north. The highest ever recorded temperature in 1985 was thirty seven degrees Celsius. The normal temperature during the summer months can range from twenty one to thirty two degrees Celsius and the cooler temperatures are about eleven to twenty four degrees Celsius.

For those that simply have to go camping a great place to visit is the E. G. Simmons Regional Park. There is an admission fee of $2 for a one day entry and they have barbeque grills as well as open play fields. Parties are allowed to take place as long as it is booked in advance. There is a pavilion and picnic areas and pets are always welcome.

The Ybor City District has a few buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and many have been declared National Historic Landmarks. Many of these buildings and clubs were built in the early nineteen hundreds. Another place many skate boarders love to visit is the Bro Bowl. It was built in the nineteen seventies during the Golden Era and is the last one of its kind.

The cost of living in this City is slightly less than if living in The United States. They do offer health as well as transportation and there is always something to do. Many older people love the place as there are many different Museums as well as Theatres and Concerts that can be attended.

Hillsborough is one of the original parks and was created in 1938. The river is known to have a few small rapids. Also in the park is the Fort Foster which was built in the middle eighteen hundreds during the Second Seminole war. Tours are taken to the fort on certain weekends and there are many artefacts on display.

There are a few Zoos and Aquariums and each of them offer tours. The Busch Gardens is a great place for the family to go and have an adventure and the little ones are always kept busy. There are many different roller coasters to enjoy. The Lowry Park Zoo has a wonderful variety of animals and their staff are always very helpful and friendly. The Aquarium is a must and there are many exhibits with different eye-levels making it more enjoyable for the little ones.

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