Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Make Travel Packages Brochures

By Lelia Hall

People who are in tourism will surely understand how important it is to have a travel brochure. This is particular true when they are in the business of offering adventurous Machu Picchu Galapagos packages. The brochure is what entices clients to come, after all. Here are simple steps you can remember when making the said brochure.

First, you have to pay attention to the sentences that you will be using in the brochure. Try to use creatively written sentences to hook your target clients to what you can offer. Use expertly written paragraphs to get these target clients to read the whole content of this brochure. Words can be used to convince them to book the trip.

It will be to your advantage if you determine the target audience. You have different deals you can offer to first-class customers compared to budget backpackers. You cannot offer the luxurious and expensive package to budget backpackers and the thrifty lifestyle package to the first-class customers, after all. Do it right.

In the travel brochure, you are required to introduce the location properly. Use the right materials to do that. Aside from that, make sure that what you include in this brochure matches well with the targeted audience. For example, if the location has an educational value, then you better highlight this and introduce it to schools.

Do not forget to highlight the main features. You have to carefully chose which feature should be highlighted. When choosing, you have to think of what will appeal the most to the target audience. You should list them in bullet points and avoid providing in-depth details since you want to make it come off as a teaser for the features in the said destination.

Organize the brochure's content. The content of a brochure must be organized to optimize clarity and readability. It should also be easy to scan for the clients. The text used in the brochure should be concise and short. That way, even if the clients do not have enough time to read the entire brochure, they know what the main highlights are for their destination.

Pay attention to what font you will be using in this brochure. It will be better for you to use reader-friendly fonts. Headlines should also be enlarged. For the keywords, it will be a good idea to use different colors on them. That way, they should be able to stand out from the regular texts. They can easily entice the targeted audience then.

The business's contact information are in demand when the target clients get enticed to book for a package. Thus, you better remember to include your business's contact information in the said travel brochure. The contact information can include the business's official address, contact person email, and phone number.

Use photos in the brochure. Make sure that the photos you choose will tell a story regarding the destination that the potential customers might want to choose. If you can, you better have these photos taken by a professional photographer. That way, it adds a professional look to the brochure you are making.

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