Saturday, March 21, 2015

People Who Have Jobs That Involve Travel Are More Rounded In Their Experiences

By Zelma Hurley

When you think about all of the jobs there are, in the country, or world, you find some are dirty and some are just sitting at a computer screen all day. Some cause the person to get very dirty as they are cleaning things. Others will place this person on a chair at a desk or standing at a cash register. Others need that person to run around the country, doing and seeing things that others do not get a chance to do. Those would be jobs that involve travel.

Obviously, one of the jobs which can entail moving around is as a travel agent. You may think just sitting in an office and sending people all around the world is all they do. That is not the whole job and taking a trip, or two, every once in a while is appropriate. You learn about the places you send other people to and have fun while doing it.

As a traveling salesman, the requirement for this is in the title. You may need to go from neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city or state to state. As a representative of a company, you may also need to go to other countries, depending on the product and or service. As an executive assistant to a marketing professional, you will often go along with them or go before them to set things up and make connections he or she can follow up on.

Custodial companies and many other service businesses have need for people to move around as roving supervisors. Janitorial companies need these folks to supervise and assist in different tasks and accountants will often use a car, instead of a computer, to maintain control of clients accounts. Just about any service company needs people that will be on the road, handling affairs.

Taking an eighteen wheeler and propelling it down the road is fun for the right person or team. Hotels every night is what a lot of people enjoy and there is a lot of them from point A to point B. This type of job is not for everyone and special licenses are required, but, as far as moving around is concerned, this is the position to have.

Retail buyers are always going to locations to search for products to sell and flight attendants help others fly safely. Traveling nurses are always on the go as they can be in many different places depending on where they are sent. Tour guides must be knowledgeable about a lot of places which means they need to go to a lot of places, before they tell others about them.

Consultants of all kinds are also on the go quite a bit. Knowing all about the latest piece of equipment or process for your industry would require trips to meet with people, or clients, that need to know about them. Being an Au Pair means going where the kids are. Photographers, writers and freelance artists need to be where they are doing their work about and that usually means a trip or two.

Many jobs require you to drive for long distances to even get to work. Those are not the ones being discussed here. There is something about having the freedom to move around to parts of the world you currently do not live in. Many people like to do this kind of work because they get a chance to see things other people may not and that is satisfying to them.

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