Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Simple Travel Tips To Avoid Illness While On Holiday

By Jonny Blair

Don't Drink the Water

I am sure you have heard that bit of advice so many times it not funny. It used to be a standard warning for anyone going to Central America or Mexico. Truth be told the warning was equally given to those from that region going to America or Europe. Each part of the world has their own unique germs, so it is relatively easy to get ill while traveling. Compound the possibility of exposure to germs in the close confines of an airplane and some sort of illness is inevitable. On the other side the more frequent that you travel the more your body will build up a tolerance, also these illness may made you feel bad but are seldom serious. If in doubt by all means seek medical attention.

Don't Let Sickness Wreck Your Trip

If you get sick during your holiday it can ruin the whole experience. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned cash on a trip where they end up sick in bed all day. One of the most common ways to get sick is by drinking the local water. Your best bet is to avoid the water all together and drink plenty of clean bottled water from a supermarket. Also, brush your teeth with bottled water and wash hands too. If you are travelling to a hot country you may become dehydrated. This will make illness easy as your bodys defences will be down. Drink at least 2 litres eery few hours to keep your body functioning at optimum levels during your trip. If you are feeling a bit ill try to avoid alcohol and caffeine as they make you urinate more and therefor cause dehydration.

The best way to recover if you fall ill abroad is to get some rest. Although you will not want to sleep your holiday away, taking some nap time will help your body feel stronger. Have a lie down after your dinner and maybe read a book on the balcony or by the pool. Indoor activities such as spa treatments or gentle exercise may help to distract your mind from the sickness. Obviously, take it easy and do not do anything to strenuous.

Best Defense

As they say, the best defence is a good offense, so try to limit some of your exposure. Prior to your trip drink plenty of fluids. The air in a plane is dry, and can cause you to dehydrate. Get a good nice sleep before your trip and control your stress. High stress and lack of sleep will lower your immune system. If the flight is long bring a sweater, the temperature in the plane can be chilly. Chilly conditions increases your risk of catching a bug. To keep something minor from slowing you down, I suggest a two day medicine chest.

Taking a little over the counter medicine at the first symptoms may be enough to keep you from really feeling it. Antacid tables for upset stomachs, antihistamine for sinus and allergies including insect bites, Imodium to reduce effects of diarrhea , something for flu like symptoms, Tylenol for headaches, fisherman friend for sore throat and ginger candies for motion sickness. The ginger candies are also good anytime your stomach is upset. It may sound like a lot of medicine but you only need a few of each. Just enough to take at first signs and sustain you till it convenient to stop at a drug store. I keep mine in a small drawstring change purse. A small bottle of hand sanitizer may come in handy.

On arrival in your destination country, try to take it easy when sampling the local foods. Jumping in gives your system no time to adapt. If you do become ill, stay in bed and rest.

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