Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Take A Galapagos And Machu Picchu Tour

By Lelia Hall

Imagine spending a vacation in an exotic and unique South American location that offers an experience unlike any other place on Earth. As incredible as that might seem, visualize how amazing it would be to visit two such sites within the same trip. This dream can become a reality by booking an exciting Galapagos and Machu Picchu tour for that one of a kind getaway.

There is no reason to settle for ordinary when the extraordinary is just a travel agent away. Two great locations are worked into one excitement filled itinerary to provide any traveler with the most bang for their buck, and memories that will last a lifetime. This is one trip that will not soon be forgotten and will very likely inspire a return visit.

The structure of these trips are meticulously constructed so that the client is provided a bevy of great experiences. The tours are completely guided and efficiently scheduled to ensure that the traveler not only sees all the key attractions, but has time to saver the moment, learn a bit of history or other interesting information. There will also be time set aside during which each person can pursue their individual interests such as local cuisine, shopping or other offerings.

Being extremely different in their appearance, purpose, history and ambiance, about the only thing the two destinations have in common is that both are located in South America. It truly is like taking dual vacations but only having to pack once and making just a single set of travel plans. The opportunities for plenty of great photos and wonderful stories will present themselves numerous times.

One leg of the journey takes the group to some incredible fifteenth century ruins that have been sheltered from the influences of man and technology for hundreds of years, allowing them to remain in impressive condition. This structure was once occupied by a society from the great Inca people. Thanks to the efforts and protection of several historical groups, tourists are treated to a rare glimpse into how an ancient people may have lived.

The structure sits high in the Andean mountains of Peru and provides an amazing view of the sprawling valleys below. Up this high, the air is fresher, the landscape greener and there are many interesting things to see. Destination number two provides a big contrast to this as it is on sea level and consists of multiple islands in a uniquely placed archipelago.

This collection of islands was formed as a result of its setting directly atop the most actively volcanic location on Earth. The animals that have evolved here are an eclectic menagerie that seem to defy both geographic logic and evolution. The collection of plants and ecosystems are a shocking mix that one would not normally expect to see in one place.

Choosing to take a combination trip for vacation is sure to be one of the more exciting decisions ever made. The diversity of the two locations keeps the mind stimulated and doubles the fun. It is definitely a sure way of breaking free of the proverbial box and experiencing something unique and awe inspiring.

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