Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thinking Of Investment? Luxury Villa Rentals Costa Rica And Beyond Is The Way To Go

By Leslie Ball

Leading real estate investors are counting on luxury real estate as the next big thing. It has withstood the turmoil on the global economy, since 2008, that has brought down many other financial markets. This has made several analytics to term it the new world currency. Luxury investments provide opportunities for investors to grow their equity by investing in solid assets at a rate that no other financial market has reached. Investments in luxury villas have spread from Europe and North America to Latin American countries. Among them, luxury villa rentals Costa Rica is the most preferred.

It all started when the US dollar went down after the collapse of one Lehman Brothers and led to global credit crisis. US debt was downgraded in 2011 that helped investors buy properties abroad in US dollars. The global financial markets have always been volatile prompting investors to seek for a safe haven where their investments would not be eroded.

A wave of investors entered international luxury real estate markets and have helped set record prices for these properties. Prices are high at every high end market all over America to Europe. The market has remained lucrative from then on and is likely to remain this way.

The demand for luxury rental villas has been going up buoyed by increasing number of super-rich that are looking for a place to spend their vacation away from home. Costa Rica is generally warm and a perfect place for a getaway. However, the supply for luxury villas has not grown as much. The excess demand has created lucrative opportunities for the investors to join the bandwagon.

The luxury villa market has morphed into a trophy market where people rent such villas for prestige purposes. This market does not follow the rules of the common marketplace and prices have been way above the market norms.

If you are looking for a chance to grow your wealth in a stable investment, think of luxury villa market. With the current state of global economy, your investments will remain safe for the foreseeable future. You can now invest with peace of mind.

If you have a good sum of money at hand, or can access credit, you are good to go start with investments all alone. If not, you may join a luxury property investment club to contribute to. In this way, you will own a part of the luxury villa and earn handsomely from it.

In an investment club, you have a chance of networking with real estate gurus that have been in the luxury property market for some time. You also get informed on what is trending in the property industry and what is going to be big. You also learn property regulations and how to keep within the precincts of the law.

If the club buys property on behalf of its members, it is able to negotiate better deals with sellers than you would as an individual. It also gives you access to such services as lawyers, access to credit, electrician, plumbers and all sorts of other required services at a cheaper rate than you would as an individual. Investment is future security hence very vital.

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