Friday, March 20, 2015

Tips To Prepare Properly For Wine Tours

By Zelma Hurley

Whether you go for a tour because you are on a vacation or you have business purposes, there is nothing that beats going for wineries. You can book for France wine tours when you have a chance. Wineries should be more than eager for customers to drop by that they are even willing to plan special events for you.

For those who are thinking of going to the tour, there are preparations that must be carried out for that. There are things one must bring and etiquette one must remember. These should be helpful in bringing a better touring experience for you. Here are the best tips you can use when you to a tour at wineries.

First, you better prepare an empty box. You grab one from the local wines store. You might also want to buy a styrofoam carrier from any shipping store. When you participate on this tour, it will be impossible for you to not buy any from the wineries. To prevent the bottles from breaking while on the journey, these boxes are necessary.

Hiring a car or employing a designated driver should be a good idea. When you are touring the wineries, you will be given the chance to taste the wines they produce. If you get drunk, you will not be able to drive your own car. That is why hiring a car or employing a designated driver beforehand can save you a great deal on this tour.

Bringing kids should be okay. They are welcome to visit the said venue as well, after all. However, it is a must for you to find something they can have fun with. While you are tasting the wines the winery has to offer, you can get these kids to enjoy the lush and green environment that the winery is located at.

You can schedule this particular trip anytime you want. If you already have a schedule, then you better arrive there early. This is so that you can have the time to chat with the owner or winemakers at the said winery. There is fun in doing that, after all. These people cannot talk to you anymore once the place starts becoming busy.

Especially if it is your first time going on this trip, you might wish to go for smaller places first. This is because these places are more comforting. While it is fun and comforting to go to larger places, you can have more fun in smaller wineries because you can spend a lot of quality time to the people behind the bar.

Be as polite as possible with the people accommodating the said trip. You have to interact with them politely, especially if you are at a small winery where the owners might also have the place as their home. When visiting, make sure that you show these people the respect that they deserve to receive from you.

Do not hesitate to try out any new and unfamiliar things offered in the said wineries. You might get to taste some organically grown grapes or you might be offered with hybrids. You have to be open to trying them out, especially if they are regional specialties that the said place offer.

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