Thursday, March 5, 2015

Transfer From Orlando Airport To Port Canaveral Shuttle Services

By Leslie Ball

The short distance from Orlando international airport to port Canaveral is about forty five minutes drive by road. There are various means of road travel that you may choose from. These include vans minibuses mini vans limos sedans and buses. If you are traveling to Canaveral for its boating, fishing, campsites cruising or restaurant experience, transfer from Orlando airport to port Canaveral shuttle services are available.

Traveling can be hectic and several factors are advisable for consideration prior to making a booking for a journey. Many travel companies are available for hire or use. But, it is important to consider the one that guarantees safety, reliability, convenience, and affordability. There are many competing companies and thus your should do your research about them. This can be from referrals and available information.

A critical factor to consider is the prices that are offered by the shuttle services firms. The charges are made based on whether you hire a cruise line shuttles or an out of town service. These two services offer varying charges based on the services that they offer. The more and better the services the more expensive it is charged.

The cruise line shuttles are more convenient and expensive than the airport out of town shuttles. Their package includes luggage transfer to the cruise ship yard at the port separately. This is convenient and means that you may have more luggage with you. There are travel agencies that deal in both flight and cruise ship travel. These may offer free transfer if you use both their services to travel.

Out-of-town-shuttles require prior reservations. This is important so that you can confirm your pick up zone and time from the port. For shared airports out of town shuttles there prices are usually per person. These rates however, decrease as the number of passengers increase irrespective of their age.

These services need have complied with the traffic laws of the state of Florida. They should be registered. The chauffeurs must also posses valid and up to date driving license. They should have experience and necessary qualifications from their training schools. Their records must also be clean with no criminal dealings. Presentable and well uniformed chauffeurs are more appealing.

All the shuttles must be insured. This will enable you to make a claim in case of loss. The insurance policy covers also the luggage. You can check on how the firm handled previous claims. Accidents can occur and thus ensure that you are covered in the event of injuries or loss of property. Compensations must be made within due time.

The distance from Orlando airport heading to Canaveral port by using shuttles should also be comfortable and luxurious. There are various services that are aimed at enhancing this. They include state of the art video equipments, music systems with headphones for privacy. You can also keep in touch or continue working on the WI-Fi enabled vehicles.

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