Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You Will Easily Fall In Love With St Maarten

By Lelia Hall

Ever dreamed of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind and escaping to an island retreat where relaxation is the order of the day? Yes, most people have, and one of the most popular destinations to visit must be St Maarten. This little slice of heavenly paradise is located on the southern half of the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean.

True beauty can never truly be described; however the scenery of this stunning island can only be portrayed as "paradise". Every location has its own charm, charisma and natural exquisiteness. The eye almost cannot further absorb the beauty before it, and begins to take the glory for granted.

All people gravitate to good food, and the fresh, delicious tastes provided by all of the finest restaurants available, cannot be measure. World-class cooking techniques and flavors are the order of the day, and there are bound to be numerous restaurants close to the hotels where travelers might be staying. Each dish has a certain culture linked to it, and this is since the island is divided into two distinct halves; the upper French and the lower Netherlands.

Some tourists delve into the rich heritage which speaks volumes of its Netherlands roots and patriotism. It is always entertaining and enlightening to gather as much information about each destination. This is easily and happily achieved purely by visiting the museums and theaters, and also by indulging in local festivities.

Whilst there it might be a wonderful idea to explore the markets, city and cultural amenities provided. The culturally rich museums and theatre productions speak of history, politics and struggles overcome. Each visit allows the tourist to further appreciate this diverse and appealing land mass.

The best memories are made when one is completely relaxed and having the best time. Add to that the fact that all shopping is duty free, and there seems to no longer be any wrong in the world! All high quality items can be purchased at wonderfully affordable prices and sent directly to your permanent residential address to inspire future memories.

If you are an active type of person, the crystal clear sea, and pristine silky beaches, allures their patrons, not only by their beauty but also by the fun they promise to fulfill. Many water sports such as; snorkeling, sailing or jet skiing to name but a few, await the adrenalin characters. This is wonderful for water loving tourists, but for those who prefer dryer activities, there is a wide array of options to keep them entertained.

The choices are ultimately endless and extremely appealing to say the least. Never could one imagine or anticipate the beauty that is embodied by the island and its people. A visit there is the only thing that can link the experience with the splendor of it all.

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