Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Boat Rentals In Bermuda Create A Whole New Market For Vacationers

By Alta Alexander

Visiting Bermuda without experiencing the sea is like a trip to the Grand Canyon and not looking at the scenery. And of course one of the best ways to experience the ocean is on a boat. Boat rentals in Bermuda can transform a holiday into an unforgettable experience. Here are a few great ideas for having an amazing time on a boat.

Many an angler will recall the way the body reacts and the adrenal rush to the thrill of a massive fish on the hook of their fishing tackle. People who only fish occasionally will testify as to how their time fishing the ocean became the top point of their holidays. With some excellent fishing close to shore, sailing times of only 45 minutes are common. From an enormous aquatic population, tuna, wahoo and marlin seem to attract anglers with their mystery and reportedly are the most challenging. Safety is as important as a good catch so the reputation of a charter service is important.

Devotees of more natural boating may well opt for a sail powered option. Arguably a quieter and tranquil means of discovering the plentiful isles and bays. Plentiful, yes 181 islands in total that will take a fair amount of exploration. Sailing boat rental firms offer packages tailored to pretty well everyone. Ranging from a paddle boat to an ocean going yacht, crew assisted or not sailors are spoilt for choice.

Those who wish to skipper their own craft on the ocean need to provide a record of qualification and experience as well as attend a familiarization program. Inexperienced users are advised to make use of skippers who know the local conditions and hazards. One advantage of sailing is flexibility. It is relatively easy to drop anchor and enjoy some swimming, angling, snorkel or scuba dives. Of course if this sounds a little too hectic, one could simply enjoy a delicious luncheon.

Boating activities do not have to be in or on the sea. A fantastic way of viewing the amazing coastline, hidden bays, dazzling water and prolific reefs is parasailing. Suspended from a customized canopy, sometimes two at a time, and hauled behind a powerful boat at heights of up to six hundred feet. This has to be the ultimate boating flying experience and getting wet is optional. This is well worth reserving in advance as parasail providers are more scarce and tend to get booked up.

Of course diving, whether with a snorkel or scuba, is one of the activities that has made the island famous. Shipwrecks and reef diving sites are plentiful for those with experience such as one very popular area called South West Breaker. Divers have mentioned there to be so much marine life that it was comparable to an aquarium. Barracudas in such a vast numbers have been known to obscure the sunlight. Needless to say using a safe dive company is a must.

Lack of experience need not be an obstacle as there are many well run and certified companies offering introductory courses to newcomers. First timers do not have to fear doing all the instruction in a pool either as some companies hold part of their training on safe reef locations such as Sandy Hole.

Renting boats opens up a whole new kind of holiday experience and the activities mentioned only scratch the surface. Add to these the immensely popular water skiing, board sports, kayaking, for even more vacation adventures.

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