Saturday, April 11, 2015

Delray Beach Florida Has That Extra Something

By Jony Mozen

To identify which factors contribute towards where residents establish their homes is tricky. Finding consensus amongst even a few persons regarding this would be difficult, although some centers do appear to be attracting more interest. Delray Beach Florida is receiving more and more interest amongst prospective home owners.

Certain of these features will be psychological matters emanating from emotive factors and the way people feel. Yet equally valid are matters like the physical development of a city. This little city scores particularly well in this area.

Population growth from just under a thousand in 1910 to the present just over 64 000 has to indicate some true potential. There is history and culture here, involving Native Americans, hunters, trappers and runaway slaves that dates back to the eighteenth century. There is clearly a future too and following are some of the many reasons and attractions that prompt people to make their futures here.

The weather maybe what is particularly attractive for some. Summer temperatures can rise to a glorious degrees whilst in the cooler months temperatures seldom go below fifty five. Naturally such favorable weather makes the regions extensive beaches very popular. Snorkeling, boating, deep sea angling are just some of what attract people. Organized sporting events include an ATP World Tour Event for men now geld every year and of course golf is ever popular.

A network of canals and lakes provide a water based playground for those not keen on the open sea. Property development around this resource is highly developed. There are some stunning housing estates alongside these waterways with new developments ongoing. Commuting to the town centre is very possible by means of the Intracoastal Waterway. The property market is very much alive and well and wide price ranges will suit both newcomers to the market as well as those looking for second or retirement property opportunities.

Known to be a fun and happy town. Sure any destination can claim this, except here it is a fact backed up by those who know about these things. Selected by Coastal Living as one of 2015 Happiest Seaside Towns in America and Most Fun Small Town by Rand McNally and USA Today.

Infrastructure has not suffered through the desire to be friendly or happy. This is a well run place offering amenities and services that would befit many a major city. Fifty different educational institutions nourish the young minds of the community. Seven major medical centers provide comprehensive health care. Transport links provide easy routes in and out of the area whether by road, rail or air. Once again big city benefits without all the drawbacks.

Naturally shopping is an integral part of Florida living and shoppers here will find every kind of shop imaginable. From an extensive mall to the intimate boutiques, antique specialists jewelry and art galleries of the famous Atlantic Avenue, even the most ardent shopaholic will not be disappointed. For those who find retail therapy simply too tiring, the cafes, clubs, bars and restaurants are all that is required for a satisfying day or evening out. A festival or parade could still liven things up however.

Many conclusions can be drawn about The Village by the Sea. Village atmosphere yes, village friendliness yes, but big town benefits well worth discovering.

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