Sunday, April 19, 2015

Explore Two Historic Cultures At Adventurous Places To Stay In Haida Gwaii

By Stella Gay

There is a distant archipelago of remote islands located just south of the Gulf of Alaska that offer a chance to get away from the humdrum tourist spots and really enjoy nature. Many travelers fly and drive to get there. They want to see what is special about this island grouping. They discover much when arriving at the former St. Charlotte Islands. The cultures of Great Britain and the original settlers are both apparent in the lodgings and activities.

Due to the remote location of this place, making reservations far in advance for any choice of lodgings is highly advised. There are many wonderful, adventurous places to stay in haida gwaii, but it is not a typical resort area with huge hotels and airports. It can take a bit of planning to get here and some advance research to have the most enjoyable experience available.

Some say that the Haida Nation has existed as a culture on this secluded archipelago for at least thirteen thousand years. Ever since the ice age, it is thought, the distinct clans of this native group have continued their oral story telling, sung songs about their lives and infused their dwellings and lives with distinctive artwork. During the time of British ownership of the land, the rich culture of Great Britain also flourished here, making it possible for people to learn about the Haida people, too. Exploration brought the earliest Spaniards and subsequent European visitors, and the desire to explore this unique spot continues to bring others today.

Some intrepid travelers will journey to the mystical archipelago to experience wilderness camping. There are sites near towns and along some beaches. Some require advance reservations but others do not. Keeping in mind that this is a season activity, from about July through September will help you to plan this kind of stay.

Sport fishermen travel to have the chance at catching the large salmon that fill the waters here. Lodges are highly popular. They provide excellent rooms, delicious meals, extra evening activities and expert help during day sails. On their boats, the right clothing for cold weather, bait, tackle and any gear required is provided. This is a dream fishing vacation.

Queen Charlotte City is a nice small community with bed and breakfast establishments. There are day excursions that could include a stop at the local farmers market or an ocean front eatery. There are many farms selling fresh products and beautiful seaside views.

Small guest houses and hotels are found in traditional Port Clemens, Masset, and Tlell. These are close to rain forest trails, beaches, and Haida artist studios.

Sandspit is the only little town located on the island of Moresby. Hotels, lodges and cabins here are rustic, with plenty of natural beauty outside. Be certain to include visits to the Haida Heritage Center and Museum or the Gwaii Haanas National Park. Consider whale watching, hiking, surfing or wilderness camping on the mystical archipelago.

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