Sunday, April 12, 2015

Information On Existence Of Entrepreneurial Addiction

By Joanna Walsh

To be able to manage the lifestyle one intends to live, a steady source of income is necessary. There are a lot of difficulties that come with being employed and this is why other people seek self-employment. This particular situation has led to what is being described as entrepreneurial addiction. This is when some individuals keep starting new business ventures.

There a couple of reasons that normally drive people to seek this sort of income. People work so hard in their respective offices and feel like they are not being rewarded for their efforts. Being self-employed will ensure that you are able to reap what you sow. No one will be in a position to rip you off or moderate your payment.

This situation enables you to be in charge of how you can manage your time. No one is the boss other than you. This means that there is no scrutiny when it comes to what you do. This could be great. Since you are in charge, you are expected to be able to make things work right. This means you are the brains of the company and you should come up with new ideas ever so often.

Research has been done in this business sector and the finds are quite interesting. If a person keeps involving themselves in various start up ideas there could be a possible problem. Not just any problem but an addiction. This will make people look at you differently. Not as someone trying to get a head in life but as someone who has a problem.

Those who have done this research say that the entrepreneurs tend to act like such people in some way. They could be workaholics, working and obsessing over their work. Planning everything a whole lot of times so that they can be able to make smart business moves. They can be constantly found on the internet doing whatever their job entails.

Despite the fame and fortune that comes with this career path, there is a downside. It is said that these people end up having psychological problems. This side of them cannot be seen by many. Only those close to them are said to be able to see how troubled these individuals can be. They carry themselves flawlessly when in front of people unfamiliar to them.

There are certain signs you should look out for if you suspect that you may have this problem. You may start paying less attention to your family. Your loved ones may complain of how busy you are and other aspects of your life may start falling apart such as your marriage. If you ignore this, you may be surprised when things end up taking a turn for the worst.

When you are working for ridiculous hours and are ignoring your health, there is definitely a problem. You may also be starting new ventures having not completed previous ones. Another important symptom to look out for is when doing non-work related activities frustrates you. It seems like any activity you get involved in can end up becoming an addiction.

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