Friday, April 10, 2015

Knowing How To Clean A Wetsuit

By Lelia Hall

Various water sports have been taking place in the recent times with surfing being the most popular sport. The surfing gear which is very important is however costly and it is therefore necessary to ensure right handling in its use. Many protection procedures have therefore been used to ensure long durability of this gear. It has therefore become important to know how to clean a wetsuit which is one of the commonly used procedures for this role.

The process involved in washing these clothes is less complicated thus can be done from the homes but some people prefer it done at the laundries. Hand washing is mostly used because of the soft nature of a wetsuit which avoids any risks of tearing it. Washing machines are also used for washing purposes especially at the laundries at a cheap price.

Washing commences with the splashing of cold water on the cloth using strong jets of water which facilitates removal of the stuck sand particles and other solids. The water absorbs the salts and sweat that is also trapped within the fabrics. This step is recommended especially in instances where the washing machines are used. This ensures that the cloths are particles free thus preventing any possible blockage in the draining systems of machines.

The cloth is then put in a bucket of cold water that is mixed with various washing conditioners. The role of soaking at this stage is to weaken the stubborn dirt elements such are sweat which do not come out easily. The conditioners also help to protect and improve the quality of the fabrics making them strong. For great results, the clothes should be soaked for a few minutes before the actual washing is done.

Thorough washing is done whereby the cloths are rubbed gently using soft washing materials such as towels and washing blushes. The cloth can also be rubbed against itself cautiously to avoid tearing. The scrubbing must be done evenly until all the stains are removed. The cloth is the put in a bucket of clean water and rinsed thoroughly to eliminate the extra soaps and dirty water.

Proper drying practices should be observed to ensure that the best results are achieved. The clothes should be hanged using specialized hungers that are designed for this task. The drying should take place in a shade free from direct sunlight to allow slow drying which protects the quality of the fabrics. They should be hanged in an upright posture to keep them in shape.

Some practices are recommended during cleaning of these clothes. Cold water is highly advised because it has no bad effect on the quality of fabrics unlike hot water which makes them to stretch causing loss of shape. The drying machines should also be avoided because they have the same bad result as hot sun.

Cleaning of suits is very important in ensuring the desirable characteristics are maintained. This enables the clothes to be in good condition for use in gaming. It is therefore important to ensure the best cleaning procedure is followed.

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