Thursday, April 9, 2015

Operating A Chain Of Motels In Forks

By Aimee Schwartz

For all those people out there that might be tired of being employed and want a better alternative operating a motel is a great option. It will mean you shall have the freedom to be your own boss. Since you have invested a lot of time as well as money into the business it is only right that you make it as profitable as possible. A motel is an alternative to hotels for those people that might be traveling. One difference between the two is the fact that the hotel are usually more expensive that the motels in forks.

The employees will greatly contribute to the profitability. Some of the key things that you will need to look at when you are employing them include their previous experience. Even though experience is important it is not that vital since they can also learn on the job. The most important thing that you should look for is their character and values.

Some qualities that your staff need to have include, the ability to communicate effectively with each other and to the customers too. They will also need to be an enthusiast in everything that he does. Customers will judge your motel by how the staff presents themselves. They therefore need to be presentable. Their rate of absenteeism should also be very low.

When you start your business it is only natural that you want to maximize your profits. To do this you will keep your cost at the lowest possible level. It is important you communicate this to your employees. They need to understand exactly why you ask them to do some things during their rounds. One things they should all be doing is switching of all the electrical appliances in the rooms when there is no guest.

In the service industry, impressions are everything. People will make up their minds about a place from the first glance. This is why you should aim to impress all your customers. You shall tidy up the front grounds. The grass should at all times be cut shot and should be watered very regularly. You will also need to do some repairs where necessary.

You should also go round to ensure that there is no litter on the grass. You should put bins everywhere to assist you with this. Just like you take care of the outside the inside of the rooms should be kept as neat as well. All the sheets and the drapes should be clean at all times.

All the major operations should run smoothly. To assist you with this you can purchase computer software that can handle these operations. These include the reservations of new guests and keeping track of the inventory levels. The software will take efficiency to a whole new level that will assist in cost reduction as well.

You need to promote the hotel in any place possible. The best place to start is by creating a website so that people can visit when they are searching. In the website it is important you explain what makes your motel different.

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