Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Shark Fishing In Key West

By Joanna Walsh

There is no way this activity can be likened to sport fishing. This because it is on a whole other level. First and foremost you could be unaided in your task. This means you have to plot out how you are going to do things when shark fishing in Key West. The same difficulty you face is what makes this activity fun at the same time. There will be nobody giving you instructions on what to do.

You definitely have to be prepared to ensure that your efforts actually bear fruits. Tackling this beast can be tough. Having the necessary equipment ready can actually give you a head start. A strong rod is a basic necessity. The line you use should also be right for the job. The person willing to undertake this challenge must be able to tackle the shark.

It is obvious that being successful in this task will need certain strategies. A Key West angler can plan about the right position they can be in so as to tackle this beast. Some individuals will be found at bridges, safe distances, where they can deal with this challenge. Others who are more daring will be at the beach and closer to the waters.

There are many shark species that exist such as the hammerhead. A lot should be put into consideration when one is going out to look for them. They should be in a position to feed. The water depth should also be reasonable for such species to be in. It is also said the water temperatures must be high. Baitfish should be able to do well wherever you intend to fish.

Getting hold of this species is no joke. When things get tougher, one may need to armor up. This just means having the necessary weapons to ensure the job gets done. Reels that are used range in size depending on the difficulty of the situation. The reel line and the rod are usually gauged to test their strength and ability to handle pressure.

Planning where to place your hook depends on the type of shark you intend to catch. Some species take in the bait and swallow it. Hook placement can ensure you have a win in such a situation. You may notice some aggression that will be felt on your line when this happens. You need to position your rod appropriately so as to help you draw in your catch.

This is not for everyone especially those who are not courageous. It also needs one to be toned up. This is somehow like a water sport where one needs to be fit. The push and pull that is involved here is no joke. Trying to get hold of the shark can even give you fatigue depending on its weight. One should also know when they cannot handle a situation and when they have to take a break.

Once you have achieved your goal, what comes next is the release. Here, you have to carefully plot how you will get the hook of the shark. One needs to take caution since this is still a dangerous species. There are a couple of items one should have ready. They include gloves and a first aid kit. A friend can help you out as you try to measure your catch

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