Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Advantages Of Having Military Survival Kit

By Iva Cannon

Survival kits are packages of basic supplies and tools prepared ahead of time. These are useful especially in emergency situations you never expect. Civil and spacecraft, military aircraft and lifeboats are also equipped with these survival kits. It comes in various sizes and forms that usually contain supplies needed of a survivor to give him or her basic health needs, keep them warm, provides food and water and assistance in finding the ways back home.

Most of the supplies in a paraphernalia usually contains knives or multi tools, bandana, matches, fish hooks, sewing items, flashlight and first aid kit. Civilians including the forestry workers, surveyors and pilots who are working in most remote areas with heavy weather may be equipped with these kits. In general, a military survival kit contain items depending on the location.

There are also debates about the survival paraphernalia. There are some tools include din the kit that will depend on the situation and skill levels. That is why several factors must be taken into consideration when determining what kind of item to consider and to put in the package.

Usually, emergency supplies intended for military aviators are modified depending on the environment operations. If you are in a desert area, your bag should contain plenty of water and even sunscreen. You also include additional items such as medical equipment, shade hats, sun glasses, tinder and matches. In most tropical location, you need to prepare a machete, match, a compass and mosquito head netting.

For those who are flying over huge bodies of water, you may need some additional tools including flotation vests, fishing nets, fishing equipment and fare launching guns. Members of the armed forces usually prepare basic tools for their survival especially for aviators which are placed in their canvas carrying bags. Most of the aviators in planes or helicopters with ejection seats stored the kits in the seat pans.

Since the main goal of bringing emergency kits for injured or lost persons is rescue, this part of the package may be considered the most essential. Emergency tools also emphasize versatility and portability. Tools recommended for many types of kit include multitool such as Swiss army knife and fixed blade knife.

Basically, lifeboats are stowed in inflatables. Most of the contents are required by the maritime and coast guard regulations. Usually, it also provides the basic tool or supply to be given to the passengers t for their chance to survive until the rescue team. Lifeboat paraphernalia items often include fire extinguisher, life jackets, and buckets.

There are also mini emergency tools included in the canvas carrying bag. It includes a small compass, waterproof matches, small candle, large plastic bag, knife, safety pins and jigsaw blade. Most of these pre packaged paraphernalia includes important instructions in every technique including fire starting procedure.

Knowing the great important of these items and preparing for the worst is the best way to survive and to cope up with the situation. This is also the best way to help others who are in need. You can never tell when and how accident occurs, so you have to be prepared all the time.

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