Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Festive And Colorful Ballooning Festival

By Alta Alexander

If you are looking for a ballooning adventure, Winter Park, CO is a must visit place. Colorado is known for its balloon festivals and events and there are so many tourists coming here annually. They all want to see the colorful splash of a number of balloons across the skies.

There are many operators of hot air balloon that guarantee a safe and entertaining ride. The balloons are equipped with safety gears, music, and you can even drink and toast champagne with your friends there or eat a delectable breakfast while hundreds of feet up above the ground. Colorado ballooning is a great experience for you, your family, and friends.

The perfect time to ride is when the sun rises. This is when the breeze is stable and calm so it is great timing. But you need to wear layered clothing because it will be cold. When the sun finally rises, it will start to get really warm and you will feel it in the basket, plus the hot air that propels the balloon is also hot.

The festival is exhilarating. There are so many balloons and they are really beautiful. You can take a ride or stay on the ground and take some nice photographs. You can take your family along, especially the kids but make sure you all wake up early morning because as mentioned earlier, these colorful things fly early morning when the winds are most stable.

This is the event where you can bring the entire family with you especially the kids, that is, if they can wake up early. It is not necessary to take the ride if you are not up to it and if the kids are scared. You can simply stay on the ground and look at those beautiful colors. There are also a lot of other booths and activities where you can take your children to. Not to mention all the souvenirs and toys you can buy.

But it will be even more exciting if you will take the ride. It will last for about an hour to three hours depending on your preference. Payment will differ depending on the length of time, of course.

At first, it may be too scary but as the balloon goes up several hundred feet high, you will forget about the fear when you are welcomed by the scenic view. This ride is as relaxing as it can get and it makes people recount the old times when this was used as a transportation by people.

The city is known for these festivals and events. But they are also available at any time of the year as long as the weather is good and the winds are stable, they can fly. The operators have been doing this for over forty years now so they can be trusted. There are also safety gears that in case of emergencies but there are very few known accidents and incidents that relate to this, so there is nothing to worry about.

They can even go hundreds feet more upwards if the weather is really good and the winds are fine. Here, you will see almost all of the city in birds eye view. It is a nice treat that will make you forget all your problems for awhile.

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