Monday, April 6, 2015

The Implication Of Virgin Islands Bus Tours

By Iva Cannon

Holiday periods are usually considered by many people as the time to travel and meet with friends and families and enjoy the moment together. For those who choose going on an excursion, it is important to ensure you make a good choice of the vehicle to be used especially if the journey is quite long. This has made the use of virgin islands bus tours very favorable since they are very comfortable and ensure the travelers do not get fatigue.

These fleets are usually owned by a few tour guide firms that are concerned with the reception of tourists visiting this area. Each fleet has its management and offer different services to clients at different prices. All buses of the same union are designed and painted into the same pattern to make their identification by their users easy.

There are various models of these vans and their carrying capacities also vary. There are smaller vehicles with a carrying capacity of 16 units while the large ones can carry up to 40 adults. The vans have open side walls that make it easy to view the outside. Others have very large glass sides that enable clear visualization of the outside environment. This makes it possible for the travelers to capture every moment as they travel.

The performance of the fleets is done under strict timetables developed by the management. The routes covered by various fleets are also different depending on the route the management sees as most profitable. The tourist make their way to the booking offices where they buy the tickets to serve different routes. The amount chargeable and the time of departure from the station are usually indicated on this tickets.

Tour guides usually board the same vans with the clients. This facilitates the information of the tourist on some very crucial facts about the area they are heading to. The number of the instructors may vary from one van to another depending on the number of people being carried. High skilled attendants and drivers are also employed to ensure top class services delivery to the clients.

Charges attached to hiring these vans are affordable thus they are widely used. It has been established that the charges for a normal van is about 50 $ for every two hours the tourist travels. However the charges for specialized vans are quite high.

Destinations on this island that are very reputable are mainly the sandy beaches. The tourists like these places and they take some time at these points to take photographs outside the vans. The fleets can also be used to carry people from the arrival terminals to the island and back. Their charges are quite cheap as compared to taxis thus helps to cut the cost of travel.

The use of these vehicles has played a major role in promoting the tourism activities in this area. They are more preferred because they can move swiftly on the bad terrain in this region and they are more comfortable as compared to smaller vans. There is also a wider view since they are quite raised.

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