Monday, April 20, 2015

What You Should Bring To Fishing Trips

By Stella Gay

Going to fish on a charter is definitely a good experience you should share with everyone. Be it your family member or friends, they are sure to have a good trip with you when you invite them to Cape Cod fishing trips. In this particular trip, you can forge a strong bond with the people you want to be closer with.

As long as everything is prepared, then the said experience will definitely become a memorable one for everyone. There are certain stuff that must be brought for that. You have to make sure to bring these stuff to make the entire cruise more memorable. Here are a few of the stuff you must bring for the said cruise.

First, it is a must to have a camera. The camera is very expensive and you might be afraid to get it wet in the water, especially if it is not a water-resistant one. However, it is only a given that you bring a camera if you want to document the happy bonding event. You can use the camera to capture a lasting memory of the first fish you caught too.

Food should be brought in as well. There are times when the crew of the boat you are riding in is the on preparing the food that you will eat for the entire trip. However, there is absolutely no harm in packing your own food. They can be munchies for when you have nothing to do while you are waiting for fishes to take your bait. Food is important for every trip.

Beverages. Just like with food, the beverage may also save your life when you least expect it. You can bring any beverage with you. The most vital beverage to pack would be the water. However, it should be okay to bring alcohol. You simply have to avoid getting intoxicated when you are drinking since it can be dangerous.

You should bring enough sunscreen for you and your companions as well. Sunscreen is applied to your skin an hour before you venture out into the open, exposed to the sun. The sunscreen is what will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This can be useful when you are on the trip in the sea where there is no shade.

In addition to the sunscreen, you are also required to bring your sunglasses. There is a need for you to wear sunglasses, especially since this is an outdoor day activity. With the glaring sun, your eyes will be hurt if you stay out in the open for a long time. To prevent that, you should wear the sunglasses.

Bring clothes with you as well. A change of clothes is essential because you do not know what may happen during the rip. There might be some unforeseen accidents like someone throwing up on you due to seasickness. It might also be that you got too wet. Your change of clothes will come in handy then.

Do not forget to bring a cooler or a container. This is the container where you will obviously put the fishes you have caught. Of course, not all fishes that you caught can be brought home. There are standards to follow for that.

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